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Comment It didn't ban just political calls though (Score 1) 191

It banned commercial and political campaign calls, but not all political calls. " The court, applying strict scrutiny, held that the statute was not narrowly tailored to protect the governmentâ(TM)s purported interestâ"to protect residential privacy and tranquility from unwanted and intrusive automated calls. Id. The statute restricted two types of automated callsâ"consumer and politicalâ"but permitted unlimited proliferation of other types, so the statute was underinclusive. Id." The AG argued that those were the only types of calls they received complaints about but what people actually want is of course irrelevant. Then after saying the law wasn't broad enough he went on to say it was too restrictive. Yay for contradictions!

Comment Getting lucky is still just as important (Score 2) 428

Social media is an echo chamber. You have to be lucky to get someone with a big enough following to share your content and then someone else and someone else after that. Once you are big enough then your success builds upon itself. Otherwise you are invisible in a sea of other people. Better work still gets drowned out. Then we add in the fact that instead of corporate types directly picking the creators that will be put forward instead they are controlling the algorithms that decide which content you are going to see. It's the same thing just done more indirectly.

Comment Re:As long as.... (Score 1) 908

"It is difficult to BS in math. If the answer is correct or not, that is where the hatred of math is.... Math Grading is normally very mechanical." I think that's a big problem with math grading. You are taking a test on a concept of calculus and you did all the calculus correctly but made a minor arithmetic mistake. You simply get a red slash through your answer and zero points. By their nature essay type answers, while BSable, inherently force the grader to try to determine whether the student understood the concept rather than just whether they got the right answer.
XBox (Games)

Ask Slashdot: Xbox One Or PlayStation 4? 375

An anonymous reader writes: I'm looking at getting the kids a new gaming console for Christmas this year. I'm stuck trying to decide between getting an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4. I'm really wary on the PlayStation because of the 5 PS2s with broken optical drives sitting in my garage; none lasted more than two years. On the other hand, I'm also wary of buying a Microsoft product; I'm a Linux user for life after getting tired of their crappy operating system. I've also considered getting a gaming PC, whether Linux or Windows, but it's more expensive and game reviews show most are not as good as a dedicated game console. The kids want Fallout 4, and I want Star Wars Battlefront and any version of Gran Turismo. We currently have a Nintendo Wii and a crappy gaming PC with some Steam games. So, which gaming console should I get that will last a long time?

Comment Re: Naw, it's Doctors (Score 1) 696

My neighbor's teenage son rides his bike opposing traffic. His parents walk down the road with traffic. His face was not embedded in a windshield one day because I'm a good enough driver to anticipate what was going to happen in a blind corner and came to a complete stop in my lane so the opposing car that I couldn't even see yet had somewhere to go as he merrily rode his bike down the middle of the lane into traffic where an overpass at the sharp corner makes it impossible to see him coming. Maybe I was just too awe struck at the stupidity to drive rather than a good driver. He did not learn a thing from this event and continued merrily along the main road against traffic. He's going to continue doing this until he stops riding a bike or dies because his parents are idiots. Another much younger and unsupervised child almost ran her bike straight into the front of my truck after I came to a complete stop because she was again in the middle of my lane and apparently expected me to go into the opposite lane for her rather than stop. Nobody is teaching these kids the rules of the road.

Comment Re:I can't find the commercial speech section (Score 2) 239

That's not how it works anymore. You used to have to be invited to be a partner. Now anyone can be a partner and monetize their videos.

As someone who puts a lot of effort into making videos, thanks a whole bunch for adblocking away the tiny bit of money we get for our labor. I don't bother with doing any techie type twist to a video to appeal to that demo because you all block and the ads so it's worthless to do anything for you. Getting shared on Reddit gives you lots of views and zero money.

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