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Submission + - SPAM: How do you fight link farmers/spammers

LetterRip writes: "If you search for '3d animation software', at least 3 of the top ten results are owned by the same company that has used link farming to get the results — using deceptive advertising (including violating copyrights of our artists). The sites in question are blender being sold under different names — illusionmage, 3dmagixpro, etc. The individual also spams via twitter (search twitter for illusionmage ) and facebook. Google, bing, yahoo, twitter, and facebook appear to completely ignore this. On a daily basis we get reports from users who have been tricked by these people. What options are there to try and solve this?"

Submission + - Doing the math on Googles WIFI snafu

LetterRip writes: According to Google they have collected 600GB of wireless data in 33 countries. Lets assume that covers most of Europe (about 800 million people), North America (about 500 million people), Australia, and some of the wealthier Asian countries — say 1.5 billion population total. We'll assume a density of 10 people per wireless access point (given that there are residential and business WAPs, I think this is a reasonable assumption). So based on these numbers 600GB/(1.5 billion people)*10 people per WAP = 4.2kB per WAP or .42 kB per person. To put this into perspective, even assuming that there is zero overhead that amounts to at most the equivalent of 15% of the graphic (28.1 kB) per WAP. Since the vast majority of web traffic is images and video (especially if sampled on a per second basis), it is fairly clear that if google is being accurate in its protrayal of method and actual quantity of data — then its claims that the information was gathered inadvertently (as opposed to just the location data which was what was intended) seems to be born out by the math. Some random packets of image or video data would be of no use to them.

Submission + - Googles Summer of Code open for submissions (

LetterRip writes: Hi all, it is that time of year again where students have the opportunity to get paid for contributing to their favorite open source projects. We were fortunate enough to be selected again this year, and really look forward to the GSoC applications for Blender . Of course if 3D isn't your first choice there are hundreds of other great projects at

Submission + - Durian Film Project - coding, fame, fun (

LetterRip writes: Blender Institutes next movie project Durian. has just released their feature wishlist, those who code new features used by the project typically get a mention in the credits. Also for those who want an easier way to fame and fortune (well fame anyway) they can prepay for their Durian DVD by the end of today and will get listed in the credits of the film as a sponsor. Previous projects by the Blender Institute are the open movie Big Buck Bunny and the game Yo Frankie! .

Submission + - Google Wiki seen in the wild (

LetterRip writes: "I just did some searches and noticed three new icons appearing next to each result a 'promote' icon, a 'remove' icon, and a 'comment' icon. Promoting shifts the selected result to the top of your search for that term (unless you've already promoted another site in which case it becomes second), and increases the sites ranks for some related terms. Pressing the comment icon adds a comment below the site for search results. On first click you have to read a EULA and accept it. I'm curious what impact spammers will have. Hopefully google has a way to prevent spammers having too much of an impact."

Submission + - Big Buck Bunny Movie Officially Released (

LetterRip writes: "The short animated movie 'Big Buck Bunny' by the Blender Institute, which was created using open source tools including Blender for 3D animation, rendering, compositing and video editing, and the GIMP for texturing, has been released. It has great animation and is highly entertaining. Best of all it has brought many amazing improvements to Blender, including many of the features seen in the Blender 2.46 release."

Submission + - Blender 2.46 animation suite released (

LetterRip writes: "Blender 2.46 has been released, bursting with over a years worth of new features and developments. It now has powerful cloth simulation, updated particle system that can allow complex hair and fur to be easily sculpted, cut, and styled, a number of new tools that make Blender of the most powerful animation and rigging tools available including cutting edge tools like bone heat weighting. Also a lot of work has been put into making the Game Engine run better and faster."

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