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Comment Re:He's also charged with money laundering. (Score 1) 80

I think the point is that everything covered by money laundering is covered by other laws that were existing at the time, either the root crime generating the ill gotten gains, or the account fraud that takes place with laundering. The problem is that it's easier just to make up magic new laws than do police work.

I imagine that they got pissed off never catching the perp with his hand in the cookie jar, tho they could catch him later with the cookie in his hand.

Comment Or is it self-justification? (Score 3, Insightful) 126

This is likely because high-cost phones perform better.

Maybe the people who forked out all that cash are just trying really hard to convince themselves they got something better than the cheaper options?

It's a coping mechanism to hold of the fits of depression when they accept that it's still just a phone with some annoying silly apps on it.

Comment Re:IoT is an unnecessary security risk. (Score 1) 116

I'm sure there must be a simple way to require an inexperienced new user to load up a phone app and initialize each new device before enabling its network connection. The app could even supply a GUID or something as the password, so said inexperienced new user doesn't even need to be bothered with thinking of one, and all of his IoT devices could share the same unique activation code.

The mythological they should have set a standard and enforced this from the beginning.

Comment Re:How do IoT manufacturers... (Score 1) 116

Well in TV-land a hacker can just send a huge EMP to the device until smoke starts coming out of it and the screen melts.
Not sure what happens after that, it's usually where I choose a different show to watch.
Would be cool if the passwords on these devices could be reset to a random value from a remote hack tho.

Comment Re: User friendly (Score 1) 316

Yes, all four are doing it wrong, along with the many more who haven't posted and all those who gave up with Linux because the sound doesn't work properly. Fucktards every one. Linux doesn't need people like that.

Really? I haven't had a sound driver problem in over 10 years on Linux.

The people who keep waving this non-issue around should be providing some backing information, cos it sounds like they are making up complaints about something that was solved a long time ago.

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