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Comment Re:Space Invaders (Score 2, Interesting) 238

Also, reading the sales brief for a previous game (also named Bodycount, funnily enough) one notices a few.. marked similarities:

"OBC also features a near fully destructible environment; the Flame Thrower can set bad guys, scenery and the level itself on fire, which could make movement extremely hazardous for the player, especially as the fire randomly spreads. The Grenade launcher meanwhile can destroy any wall (with some hard coded exceptions)."

Which sounds just like what we have here. Except this game was released in 1994...
"Next Gen" huh?

Comment Re:Microsoft professional recommends giving up (Score 1) 497

I don't know about "grownups" in the corporate world, never having worked there, but my 10 year old son, net savvy, fully understands the concept that you don't download that really wanted video game or that help file without first evaluating the source, or if questionable, asking dad. Software from an unknown source is like asking criminals into your home because they have doughnuts for you. In 1995, I opened a Halloween card from a known friend. It had an .exe. It began to erase all files beginning with the last modified. It worked backwards and erased 3 months of work before I yanked the plug out of the wall. Since that was 15 years ago, and arguably on a very different internet, how can this still be an issue. (NO, I don't work in IT)

Comment Re:nice... (Score 5, Insightful) 711

So by that logic all people who play violent video games must automatically think that its ok to kill people in real life because we do in the game?

99.9% of people who play these games know they shouldn't kill other people and etc, but do so in the game because there are no consequences. Should we take away all violent video games just because of a 0.1% that might go on a school shooting spree?

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