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Comment Re:Retracting the Truth (Score 1) 70

The point of the "compromise" is not to let "anyone" open your encrypted messages, it is exactly for letting WhatsApp (the people that already control their servers) open your encrypted messages.

And while this design flaw is being touted as a convenience feature, there's no telling what other flaws can be used along with this one for additional exploitation.

And warning the user of a possible compromise AFTER the message has been sent? Yea that's real good security right there.

Comment No other means huh? (Score 2) 610

What could be learned from that phone that could not be collected from all the other electronics the couple owned and used?

Without accessing that phone the govt could find who the couple have called and texted, subpena social media sites for their exchanges, and collect who knows how much information under an NSL from Internet Service Providers.

I find it difficult to believe that something so nefarious or so important exists on that phone and that phone alone that can't be gathered elsewhere through other fashions.

This feels like the govt trying to flex its muscle using a high profile case in order to persuade public opinion regarding encryption and back doors.

Remember folks: a backdoor for one is a backdoor for all. And who cares about a back door when you have an intelligence agency monitoring all the comings and goings of the front door.

Comment Potential Asshole Customer (Score 2) 339

He sounds like the typical asshole customer that loves to invoke the threat of lawyers on the smallest of whims every time something does not go their way.

People like that and the lawyers that take their money deserve exactly what's coming to them. Don't like the service that you're getting: do it your own damn self.

If your outlook and ability to run a company is so much better build your own damn car, fix your own electronics, do your own work.

No amount of money is worth a shitty customer.

Comment Old Folks Homes (Score 4, Informative) 540

From what I read over at

It looks more like:

120 two- and three-bedroom residences in one four-story cluster

Two other two-story clusters

104 one- and two- bedroom residences for seniors in a four-story cluster

Community center


Terraced gardens


Small farm


Interior roadways with two bridges

Golden Gate Transit District bus stop

Comment Re:Let me be the first to say (Score 1) 107

That 10 gig (more like a 1 gig from what I've seen) connection goes to a central office where the state Dept of Education may provide a gigabit Internet connection that is limited to 300 megs. 300 megs to share to maybe 70 something schools in a school district.... Add to that any administrative locations...

Comment Screw that (Score 1) 243

No matter how cheap or good the smartphone they make, I bet the battery on my feature phone will run circles around it.

Drops to the ground aren't a concern either, it's very well built.

Water? No problem. It'll handle an accidental submersion.

Extreme temperatures? It doesn't complain about it being too hot or too cold for it to work.

Regardless, even if they developed a ruggedized smartphone it would still lack the one feature that makes a feature phone worth carrying around: a battery life that doesn't require the constant worrying of making sure you charge the phone every 16 hours or else.....

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