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Comment Soldier of Fortune, Baby! (Score 1) 208

None of the post Win95 versions ran the OG version worth a damn, and that was the single bloodiest video game in existence. :)

It ran fine under OS/2 V2.2; I have hope for this.

I still have a lot of code I wrote under those systems I'd like to run.

The early scene in the Expendables, where the bad guy gets blown off at the knees was a direct scene steal from this game...

Comment Coworkers... (Score 1) 94

My coworkers would burn me at the stake or worse for overclocking one of our work machines.

They're mostly Dual Socket 2011 with as many cores as possible, and all the memory they can hold.

Not really conducive to cranking around on stuff, lol.

The computer is the cheapest part of that setup; the software is over 100k a seat, the guy in the seat, much more, lol.

OTOH, My personal gaming PC has been running an i7-3930k at 4.7GHz since about 2011 until now on a heat pipe cooler, ~63ÂC max.

I bought myself a closed water cooling system for Xmas, 3x120mm Fans and radiator to match.

I'm going to see if I can get my system to hit 5Ghz; if it dies, I have an excuse to upgrade. :)

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