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Comment Disks... (Score 1) 201

The 5.25" 360k Full height Single sided drives that were in the OG IBM XT computers could put twice as much on a Double Sided Disk, if you cut the notch on the opposite side of the case.

As was said, you couldn't write to the other side of the disk without cutting a notch out of the case. :)

The capacity of the drives went to 1.2MB, Still single sided, then 720k and 2.44MB, just before the conversion of pretty much everything to 3.5" disks.

One thing I've noticed; 30 years in, some of my old 5.25 disks read just fine, few of the newer 3.5 disk set worked. :)

Comment Re:Recycle, Recycle, Recycle. (Score 1) 275

Mercury is a bummer, but if you want bright colors, you want some mercury vapor in there as a charge carrier.

The fun gas is Helium; it's a beautiful orange color.

It's used as a cooling gas; one of the rules I learned was "If you see your equipment glowing bright orange, Don't open the door to the lab!" :)

Comment Re:Ok (Score 4, Funny) 133

It's being hushed up by the Trump-Alien-Russian-Clinton Conspiracy''s Tight grasp on the Media's Scrotum(s).

Their collective polygrip is just too strong.

Inform your congresscritter, go door to door if you have to; this evil conspiracy must be exposed!!!

I'm voting the safe vote; Opus and Bill. No, not the blue dress bill.

Comment If you really want to see how bad it was... (Score 3, Informative) 140

Read the IAEA report on the Chernobyl disaster.

It reads like bad comedy; operators trying to follow a test program while the reactor was in a completely unstable state.

The REAL kicker: The SCRAM command to shut down the reactor made it go "Prompt Critical" and explode.

No shit.

"As can be seen from the foregoing, the event which initiated the accident was the pressing of the EPS-5 button (SCRAM Button) when the RBMK-1000 reactor was operating at low power with a greater than permissible number of manual control rods withdrawn from the reactor. " pp67

Scariest thing I've read this decade. :)

Comment Re:Not everyone should be a PC Gamer. (Score 1) 729

Nice to see there are still a few of us.

The 'everyone gets a trophy' mentality means no one tries hard anymore.

None of my younger coworkers have anything is the way of problem solving abilities; even the highly educated ones can't think their way thru a problem.

If you highly educate an idiot, you get a highly educated idiot.

My last pc cost ~2k, but it was so over the top I'm still using it 4 years later, playing with all the eyecandy turned on. :)

Comment Not everyone should be a PC Gamer. (Score 0, Troll) 729

The dick in the above referenced article is a good example of a millennial geek.

A Complete pussy; like all the modern 'geeks' I see who, if something is hard, buy a prepackaged piece of shit to do most of it for them; like an Xbone or Playscool box with auto aim so they can hit something.

"Why write code, if I can download it off the internet?" - nameless intern, last fall.

People don't do things because they're hard to do anymore, because it's hard to do, lol.

Even the new DOOM game on PC is watered down with "hack modules" because otherwise combat is too hard.

All the new PC games are complete crap, ported over from the Xbone.

IMHO, The last Good PC FPS was Crysis Wars, and we can still run our own private servers, so no cheats. :)

Quake 2 & 3 runs on almost anything; We play those in the PMT lab on raspberry Pi's, and yes, I do use a keyboard. :)

Comment The Rape and Pillage of the middle Class was later (Score 1) 983

That has happened Since the Clinton Administration; things were in pretty good shape when he left office.

The biggest Fuck we got was the "Fight Two Wars completely without funding them" that drove the economy into a tailspin.

How long can you just print money to support your government?

Apparently from 2001 to 2008... :(

The only thing Congress has done since then is try to repeal Obamacare and outlaw abortion; both complete wastes of time and energy.

Comment Reagan declared the War on Drugs... (Score 1) 983

Just as the CIA with Ollie North was importing shitloads of cocaine into the us, and teaching inner city drug-dealers to make Crack, with was as destructive as Free Base, but easier on the supply chain.

I knew several guys who flew planes full of coke back into the us, completely covered by the govt.

The last two died mysteriously after all that started hitting the papers; one died in a parachuting fail while smuggling a planeload, and the other disappeared after a meeting...

Smokescreens all...

Comment This is exactly my worry. (Score 0) 983

Racism is alive and well, in all the Red states, pretty much.

Code words are used "Family Values" and such drivel, but the actions of those in charge are the same.

Amazingly, few black people here want carry permits; it makes them a target of all the Crackers that wear them openly.

Trump is a facist for sure; some of his backers are Nazis.

But ALL of them I know are are Racists.

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