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Comment And THAT is why you NEVER let any company (Score 1) 180

directly debit your bank account for anything.

ALWAYS demand that they send a bill, which you have the chance to review and approve.

Your your BANK's bill pay service, and then you have positive control over the amount and timing of payment, including whether any payment is made at all.

Comment Re:No expectation of privacy in public? (Score 1) 224

They might mind, but there isn't a thing they could do to prevent it.

However, I suspect these cameras might harder to spot and identify than you might think.

And regarding your latter part - again, they might mind, but as long as you were legally parked, in a public parking lot and weren't interfering with or disturbing anyone else's legal activity, then they can't stop you doing that either. Mind you, "legally parked" would of course include having YOUR car properly registered and plated.

Comment Are these cameras (Score 1) 224

recording only events that are visible IN PUBLIC? Because you don't need a warrant for that.

ANYone can legally observe and/or record anything that is visible IN PUBLIC.

Its part of "freedom of the press". No, they can't require you to "register" to be recognize as the press, its called citizen journalism.


Comment There are lots of ways out (Score 1) 664


To list just a few...

MS is just making the choice more binary - either you choose to let them do anything they want with your computer, or you choose to let them do NOTHING.

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