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Comment Re:Go Dutchies! (Score 1) 58

Well then! :) In Holland, often the budgets for stuff like this is too small to do anything significant so I think it's nice that they found a serious sponsor for once and get some attention. Besides, it's a good subject. I can't wait for electric vehicles to become a regular phenomena.. Never gonna buy a car or motorcycle on gas again.

Comment Re:How many developers (Score 1) 378

Home computers were only just there; the ZX Spectrum was introduced in 1982, the Commodore 64 in '83. Personal computers existed since 1975 but were way too expensive for most. There were only about 200 Apple II's (1976) sold. The original Macintosh from '84 costed $2.500, a lot of money in the eighties.

Sure, sales took off in '84 but for programmers to spawn it takes time to learn to work with computers and to program. In 1984, personal computers just started to spread among the population, from *zero*. All together, if you leave out home computer programmers, I think there were very little programmers around in 1984 compared to now and most of them were just leaving the punch card era. The remaining programmers worked with VAX alike computers that didn't use color, mice or sound.

Submission + - ISP admits using DPI (

Leon Buijs writes: "With customers using more and more 'free' online services like VOIP and PING instead of paid-per-minute telephone and SMS, Dutch ISP KPN announced it will charge extra, depending on used online and mobile services. Today KPN openly admitted using Deep Packed Inspection to find out what services are used. (article in Dutch)"

Submission + - Clearly, Skype On Linux Has No Future ( 1

dkd903 writes: In Skype's blog post yesterday, they published a video but requires Microsoft Silverlight to watch — and no, it does not work with Moonlight.

This is equivalent to giving a big middle finger to all the Linux users who have been hopeful of Microsoft's acquisition. If they do care about this segment of their users, they would not have published something on their blog which is impossible to watch on Linux.

Submission + - Comcast and Rogers block The Pirate Bay ( 1

iONiUM writes: "Starting yesterday, it seems Comcast and Rogers have blocked access to the pirate bay. This would not be the first time Comcast has blocked the pirate bay (and denied it). From the article: "The traceroute from Comcast connections stops at, as it’s supposed to, but The Pirate Bay website does not appear. Further tests show that the blockade is not DNS related. What is actually causing the issue is uncertain at this point.""

Submission + - Sergey Brin: Windows is "torturing users" (

jbrodkin writes: "Google created Chrome OS because Windows is "torturing users," Google co-founder Sergey Brin says. Only about 20% of Google employees use Windows, with the rest on Mac and Linux, and Brin hopes that by next year nearly all Googlers will be using Chromebooks. "With Microsoft, and other operating system vendors, I think the complexity of managing your computer is really torturing users," Brin told reporters at Google I/O. "It's torturing everyone in this room. It's a flawed model fundamentally. Chromebooks are a new model that doesn't put the burden of managing the computer on yourself." Google claims 75% of business users could be moved from Windows computers to Chrome laptops."

Comment Re:Sure they do (Score 1) 122

Sure, but the article is about 'unfriending' and finding out why unfriended you and why. If the spouse didn't notice it's the new lover that is allowed as a 'friend', it's unlikely that this spouse will know who this person is. So if this new lover unfriends the spouse, not much will become clear.

Comment Re:Someone who really hates you.. (Score 1) 122

You have a point that this is a possible, even commonly used strategy. For example, there is a old guy who hates my guts. I'm fairly sure we follows me on youTube, because I have posted a video of him flying way to low over our house. Then again, it's still unlikely that he will ever 'unfollow' me.

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