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Dutch City Fears Loss of Pornography Archive 61

The Dutch city of Leeuwarden has lost the municipal pornography archive and officials fear it may be gone forever. A spokesman for the city said the collection may have been taken home "accidentally" by an employee or visitor. "We're hoping that someone will say 'Hey, I have that in my attic' and bring it back," he said Thursday. "No questions asked." Leeuwarden shouldn't be too upset. I've found it a good practice to get rid of your porn archive and rebuild every 6 months or so.
Hardware Hacking

Stop-Motion Modbook Upgrade Video 14

Brian Northway writes "This funny, stop-motion, photo-animated video shows the process of converting an Apple MacBook to an Axiotron Modbook tablet, in one minute and fifty-nine seconds — viewable in standard quality or high-definition (720p), for exceptional detail. It's the latest installment a series of light-speed technical videos that I've created, wihich include the explorational disassembly of a PSP-3000, a unibody MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, an iPhone, and many other Apple devices."

Wii Check-Up Channel 38

Cemu writes with news that Nintendo is teaming up with Panasonic, NEC, and Hitachi to work on the Wii Fit Body Check Channel, which will use data from the Wii Fit to provide users with health advice. Quoting: "Since last December, NEC and NEC mobile began a cell phone version of the 'Wii Fit Body Check Channel.' Starting this April, the NEC Group (NEC and NEC Mobile) will launch a hosted Wii Fit Channel aimed at employees and their families. The company hopes to offer this service outside NEC in the future. ... Also this April, Wii Fit and the Wii Fit Body Check Channel will be introduced by Panasonic Medical Solutions to health care workers with its Plissimo Sigusa health care plan. What's more, Panasonic Medical Solutions is offering the program to the country's health insurance union."

Comment Re:RTFM (Score 2, Informative) 780

Do your research - your point is pretty much ass-backwards. The manufacturers are quoting their sizes in gigabytes, which are SI units defined as 10^9 bytes. A gibibyte is the familiar 2^30, 1024MB unit that we all associate as being a gigabyte.
Actually, 1 GiB=1024 MiB. That's the whole issue of this case. MB!=MiB, as with kB and KiB, and GB and GiB. The difference between a GB and a GiB is roughly 6.87%, yet when you hit the TB/TiB level, the difference is roughly 9.05%. The greater the prefix, the more the inconsistency between the two units of measurement. I view this case as preventative action for the soon coming terabyte and tebibyte hard drives. As sizes grow, so do our losses (although, technically, they are advertising correctly, and the OS makers are using improper notation).

Submission + - Samsug announces look-alike iphone killer

goombah99 writes: Samsung unveiled a prototype of their touchscreen phone. It's look, single button front, full-face touchscreen are the essentially identical to the iphone. The screen resolution is sufficiently worse that video viewing will be less of a pleasure, it's thicker, and it lacks Wi-Fi. But it has a slide-out full thumb-board, a 5 mega pixel camera, supports 3G (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access). Web connectivity however lacks the elegant full screen approach with a gestural interface of the iphone. Price, battery life and availability are not known. Read Here and here for first impressions. My impression is that hardware wise it's at the same level as the iphone so, as always, it's the apple polish of the interface that will be the deciding factor. Simultaneously, Microsoft revealed a workmanlike update of it's mobile version.

The Return of Toys 148

valdean writes "With videogames becoming so ubiquitous, it sometimes seems like kids have less and less time for toys these days. Toy makers, however, are pushing back with high tech toys designed to be more compelling than a game of Supreme Commander. The New York Times reports that remote controlled vehicles in particular seem to be up for some friendly competition. As one designer suggests, 'navigating well-designed vehicles in the physical world... is vastly more compelling than steering a virtual vehicle in a computer-generated universe.' Will toys ever be able to compete with videogames again?"

Submission + - Should I "cheat" on my psychometric test?

An anonymous reader writes: I've been for a second job interview, which was quite positive — and it's for a job I want. The company's HR division does psychometric tests on all new employees. This is (apparently) so that your manager can know what kind of person you are, and whether you are achieving your potential, or if you can be pushed for more. Now here's the question: what are these tests really for? I have a friend who deliberately fuzzed his IQ test at school, and his teachers still think he worked very hard. If I don't want to be squeezed for my dying drops of blood and sweat, should I answer every 8th question at random and fuzz the results a bit? Has anyone done this? Or wished they did?

Submission + - Report: Jobs Backdated Pixar Options

narramissic writes: "While he was chairman of Pixar, Steve Jobs may have improperly backdated stock-option grants. From the article: 'Jobs approved a March 2001 employment contract with Toy Story director John Lasseter that granted Lasseter Pixar stock options priced in December 2000, three months before the contract was signed and when the stock price was at its lowest level of the year.'"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Phishers are just another good customer?

netbuzz writes: "Do free Web hosting services turn a blind eye to phishing scams because doing so fattens up ad revenues? One security expert says it's obvious after he finds dozens of such phishing sites in only a few hours of searching publicly available records. He also says this is one problem that could stand an application of more lawyers. 5"

Submission + - Does Richard Stallman Hate Fair Use?

a_quietamerican writes: "According to Robin Good at the MasterNewMedia blog, Richard Stallman is refusing to let him and others post videos of his speeches to YouTube or any other service that doesn't support Free Software. This raises some serious questions about Mr. Stallman's commitment to Fair Use according to the ACT Blog. According to ACT:

Intelligent people can disagree over the scope of Fair Use, but there is NOTHING more clearly covered than public speeches and is the basis by which journalists and bloggers do their jobs. Yet, Stallman is quite clearly arguing that Fair Use doesn't apply to his speeches and he has the power to dictate how you can watch/listen to them.
Portables (Games)

Hotel Dusk Review 52

The visceral nature of pure gameplay is hard to argue with. Games that are 'pure fun', like Geometry Wars or Burnout, satisfy gamers on the most basic level. Sometimes, though, you don't want to be completely engaged. You don't want to be on the 'edge of your seat'. Sometimes, really, you just want to read a book. Hotel Dusk is a 'visual novel', a common game genre in the nation of Japan. Here, it's one of the few titles ever to reach our shores. From an American perspective, it's an adventure game with less of an emphasis on clicking; the designers really just want you to read. Not only does this end up working really well as a concept, Dusk is a really good book. Interacting with extremely memorable characters, puzzling out the pulp-noir detective story, and playing with the DS sideways - all highlights of a stay at the Hotel Dusk. Read on for my impressions of this most welcome addition to the DS library.

Submission + - Microsoft Castigated over stolen Xbox360

tlhIngan writes: "I'm no Microsoft fan, but a recent article from New Zealand castigates Microsoft for not providing details in a timely fashion over a stolen Xbox 360. The console was stolen sans brick... er, power supply. The thief goes and calls Microsoft support to get a new power supply sent. Victim of theft calls Microsoft to report theft, and finds out the Xbox360 was registered by the thief. Police ask Microsoft to hand over the thief's details, but Microsoft refuses until a court order is obtained. The article blames Microsoft, saying if they just rolled over and handed the information over, everything would've gone much more quickly, but they had the gall to demand a court order. Crook or not, there is something inherently wrong when police can just demand information without going through due process, and even hated companies like Microsoft get flamed over their insistence on process."

Submission + - Fix iTunes in Windows Vista - It's Quicktime!

blarney writes: "This guy has found a possible workaround for the Vista-iTunes problem... I had iTunes working, but it was very sluggish, and I eventually broke it somehow using Vista Home Premium. It turns out that it was a strange mix of problems, but I have found a workaround. If iTunes crashes, kills Aero, doesn't run, or any combination of those, give this a try..."

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