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Comment I understand you so well my friend (Score 1) 418

Amen my friend amen, I know what you mean. I played to many FPS I can't even look at one without being disgusted... I played soo many MMORPG I get nightmare about starting a toon at first level. I too dont have the time to master games like StarCraft, AoE and other RTS. I like racing game a lot because thats the game thats sooo easy to let go and then come back and know where you're at. I still like RPG (non MMO) since they are story driven but the latest Final Fantasy make me think about the old Mystic Quest on the SNES... easy as hell without a hint of challenge. So yeah I understand.. my latest game is not so much great but its fun, its indie so Im helping a fellow coder and its cheap enought. Hegemony, Philip of Macedone. Good game, could have been better but the game play is simple enough and its still a bit adictive. But I've been playing it for only 3 sessions so I know im at the begging so I cant tell you if it stays good in the long run.

Comment Re:try before you buy (Score 1) 261

I have to agree here. Also they should not count kids and young people who dont yet have a revenu. Its sure that kids and youngster without jobs wont buy and they will pirate, they dont have money to buy. I would resume this in one simple question: Of the material you have pirated that you can remember, how much would you have brought, that you didn't actually brought, if it were sold at a resonable price?
Because there are three things that make ME pirate.
1. I want to know if I will like it before buying
2. The price is unresonable ( ie 70$ for 1 season of ST-TNG) (I brought all seasons of SG-1 it was only 25$ each)
3. The thing I would not buy because I already know I dont like it enough, but from time to time its entertaining.. (ie: Buffy)
( I watched all the buffy, but damn I would have never brought it and if I couldn't pirate it, it wouldn't have changed my life is I didn't saw it)

Comment Re:Full Screen Stop (Score 3, Interesting) 951

I have an idea... we should put a timer on the ok/continue button.. but not to prevent them from clicking it... no.. to know how fast they clicked it...Imagine..

Error message sayong something, user click ok.. other screen saying you can't have read that error message in 1.23546 seconds... that impossible... please read the error message carefully before continuing... then the ok button would bring back the last error.

Comment Again thats going backward (Score 1) 391

The real probleme is not that the video appeared on youtube, the problem is that someone was stupid enough to beat another human being, be it down syndrom or not. The syndrom has nothing to do with it.. and in my opinion its good that the video appeared on youtube for two reason. 1. If it sickens enough people they will realise that the problem is not the video its the act. That the only solution is not censorship its education. 2. If enough people criticize the one putting the video up well they might just realise how stupid they were and change. Again... hiding things dont help.. showing it and saying.. damn this is stupid, do you realise what you have done? Put yourself in the shoe of that person !! THAT is something that SHOULD be done. Not hidding it... thats just hiding from your monster.. not confronting it.

Comment Am I the only one who has this comment? (Score 1) 184

I dont CARE about graphics... I mean, I've been playing X-Com for the last few weeks... I want good gameplay, something fun dont need to have uber realist graphics... what would really change something for me is immersion. Give me a nice 3D environment.. and by that I dont mean something more shiny or more realistic on a screen... I want to turn my head and see whats behind me... IMMERSION... not even more realistic graphics... I always tough I would perform really great in shooters if it weren't a question of aiming with a mouse but aiming with my hands!! Give me something to make me feel like im inside the thing... Im soooo bored with those comment "but the graphics are so nice." Yeah so what... Its like the only thing that changes in modern games is graphics... Damn it..

Comment LOL (Score 1) 165

In other words... they put the glasses on the screen.. it makes me think of the little toy they gave out in cereal boxes where you could see spider-man jumping when you would watch the plastic thingy under different angles...

Comment Re:What the big deal? (Score 1) 631

Are you serious? WoW IS AN ONLINE game.. you cant play when you're not online. But if I play settlers or other solo games in a 12 hours flight ... well oups I can.. even if the game has nothing to do with being online... and WoW doesn't do this to stop piracy.. the game is flexible. THat mean your connection can drop for a few second and if it can reconnect well you wont get disconnected.. you will resume as if you'd lagged quite a bit. Also WoW doesnt require you to save... you cant loose progress... When you dont know a thing... dont comment...

Comment Well thats does it (Score 1) 631

The most anying thing with DRM is that in fact it just annoy those who pay for the game. Those that pirate it, dont have that hassle.. and since I do pay for my games, well that just mean I'll stop buying Ubisoft games altogether. Maybe i'll just go knock at their door to tell them. They have an office 2 floors up from where I work.

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