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Comment Re:Tests can never catch these bugs (Score 2) 116

Did you actually read the article? The particular apple bug would have been easily caught by testing. In fact, the handshake code was copy-pasted six times in the code, and only one of the copies had the bug... if the developer had thought about about testing at all, that code would have been factored into one function, and even just by doing so the bug would have been less likely.

Comment Re:Misleading headline (Score 1) 108

It actually is totally fine in a free market for a group of companies to conspire to set prices. Such arrangements are inherently unstable as each side has the incentive to cheat, plus competition from other companies will ultimately end the arrangement. So far, so good - still a free market. The issue only comes in cases like sibling's post, when they actually purchase laws that prevent competition or to sanction their agreements. Plus, yes, if Apple filed an antitrust suit against manufacturing companies in order to drive their prices down, that would also be anti-free-market, because anti-trust-suits are anti-free-market, since they involve the law and the use of force regulating what businesses can or can't do.

Comment Re:relations (Score 1) 247

father's brother = uncle
uncle's nephew = either you, or a sibling, or a cousin, or a sibling
So, three choices:

a) I am your cousin's former roommate
b) I am your sibling's cousin's former roommate
c) I am your cousin's cousin's former roommate

Your siblings cousin is also your cousin so that leaves us with two choices:

a) I am your cousin's former roommate
b) I am your cousin's cousin's former roommate

Your cousin's cousin can again be either: you, your sibling, your cousin, or someone not blood-related. So that leaves us:

a) I am your cousin's former roommate
b) I am your former roommate
c) I am your sibling's former roommate
d) I am your cousin's cousin's former roommate

There's absolutely no point to this point so I'm just going to stop myself right here.

Comment Bennett Haselton (Score 5, Insightful) 235

Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett! I Bennett love Bennett Bennett! Nothing Bennett is Bennett more Bennett entertaining Bennett than Bennett reading Bennett what Bennett a Bennett person Bennett which Bennett I Bennett have Bennett no Bennett idea Bennett who Bennett they Bennett are Bennett has Bennett to Bennett say!

Comment Re:Fuck Obamacare (Score 3, Insightful) 723

It's not capitalist greed, it's anti-free-market greed. Note that non-essential medical services such as plastic surgery and laser eye surgery continuously get better and cheaper over time. That is, I could get the same laser eye surgery today for cheaper, or pay a similar amount for higher-quality laser eye surgery. It's much the same as with computing hardware or any other relatively unregulated market, and quite the opposite of what's happening with healthcare, namely that it gets worse and way more expensive over time. I don't know why forcing everybody in the United States to buy managed healthcare plans would improve the situation at all.

Comment Re:One thing's for sure... (Score 1) 870

So when companies switched over from doing finances by hand with a legion of accountants to a computer-based system with a far smaller legion of accountants, they should have kept paying the same amount of tax as if they had kept the full complement of people? Who decides what that tax is? And why does the government get the money instead of the company?

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