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Comment And in fact you do the opposite (Score 4, Insightful) 125

You have a plan should you get killed or otherwise be unable to provide the passwords. Where I work, in addition to there being more than one IT staff, all the passwords are safely locked away where the Dean can get at them, if needed. We make sure that even if we are all gone, whoever comes after can get access.

These days the university has policies to that effect but we did it before then because that is what you do. You have a disaster plan, and that plan includes what happens if you aren't around.

Comment No, he wasn't (Score 2) 760

Assanage's offer was always empty, given that the US isn't after him, at least not publicly. Now he contends that the US wants to get him in secret, though he's presented no evidence of this and of course one would have to question if they'd agree to a public deal for something secret.

Assanage is wanted by Sweden and the UK. Sweden for a sexual assault case, and the UK for skipping bail in that case. The US has not filed any charges against him, though I'm quite sure they don't like him. If he left the embassy he would be arrested by the UK and shipped off to Sweden. Or they might not send him off, since he's broken UK law by skipping bail and try him there for that crime, then ship him off once she's served his sentence.

So this was always a stunt.

Comment Re:"Bull" (Score 2) 205

Have no fear - deep in my basement, I am actively working on "Artificial Stupidity".

Very soon my machine will have the logical thinking capability of a leprechaun on acid, combined with the sense of humour of a clockwork mouse.

I am planning an IPO in 2019. Invest now, while it still has credibility.

Comment Re:Govt wants free money (Score 2) 159

Here in Hackney, East London, we regularly get offered 2 for the price of 3 - as I was last week in the local off-licence and the local news agents. "This is an offer you can refuse!"

My mum bought 4 beigels for 25p each, and the girl tried to charge her £1.40. My mum (who used to be a programmer, and can probably add octal in her head faster than a bakery worker could count bread rolls) said "No. 4 times 25p is £1." The girl responded by bringing out a piece of paper and a biro and wrote on in 25p + 25p + 25p + 25p = £1.40 and then said "see figures can't lie!" My mum said "Ok, just give me one beigel" and handed over 25p. Then she said "OK, give me another one" another 25p handed over. Process repeated until my mum had 4 beigels and the girl had £1. - problem solved (and queue of potential customers dispersed).

If you are not good with mental arithmetic, don't ever buy more than one item in East London. And make sure the items scanned in the supermarket are the items that you actually take home with you. It is a regular event to buy two of something and find the till receipt mysteriously shows three of them. (and the shop WILL blame the Mysterons for it).

Tell the above to your kids and explain "that is why you have to study maths at school".

And tell the appropriate idiot at /. that £ is the symbol for GBP and not $AU or WTF.

Comment It is a problem I've talked about for a long time (Score 0) 130

And one that often gets me downvoted since Mac users don't like to hear it: Apple is a fashion company. That's why they've been able to do what they do. In fashion, a higher price can be a GOOD thing not a bad thing, whereas consumer electronics are one of the most notoriously price sensitive markets out there.

However the downside is as you say: What is fashionable changes and it is really hard to stay on top of it forever.

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