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Submission + - Build a Zilog Z180 CP/M computer (kickstarter.com) 1

LaughingRadish writes: "The P112 board was last available new in 1996 by Dave Brooks. In late 2004 on the Usenet Newsgroup comp.os.cpm, talk about making another run of P112 boards was discussed. I decided to step forward. With Dave Brooks blessing and the assistance of others, new boards were fabricated. Those boards too are gone. Still people want P112 kits. I therefore started a Kickstarter project to supply people with kits. These machines nominally run ZSDOS, a GPLed and enhanced CP/M look-alike. Straight CP/M 2.2 is also available as is a flavor of Unix called UZI-180. If you want an easy-to-get-into piece of classic-computing, this is it. You also build it yourself."

Submission + - Change Is Hard: Why You Should Give In to the New ThinkPad Keyboard (lenovo.com)

LaughingRadish writes: "Three months ago Lenovo released the Thinkpad T430 and T530 laptops with much fanfare and with a redesigned keyboard. That keyboard has been annoying longtime Thinkpad users to the people to the point where they plan to buy something other than Lenovo next time. In face of widespread criticism of the keyboard, Lenovo blogger Gavin O'Hara posted this article telling Thinkpad fans that they should give in to the new design. Very few people had very kind thoughts for Gavin."

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