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Comment Does this mean no more locked down hardware? (Score 1) 98

So, if they're going to behave more like a startup, does that mean that they're no longer going to make it difficult to customize their Android phones? Last time I checked, they were still locked down such that you cannot write to the boot loader and that means no rolling your own Android or using Cyanogenmod.

Comment Left-eyed this time? (Score 1) 45

I see no mention of whether or not a left-eyed version will be available or if it can be switched to serve whichever eye the user wants. How about that and provisions for using along with a normal set of eyeglasses. I'd rather not have to have to get another set of lenses just for a Glass.

By the way, do any of you remember the 1992 compute and console game "Flashback"?

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