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Comment Re: Scientists have proven (Score 2) 361

You do realize that the recent data dump was not of the emails on Clinton's server, right? They were on Podesta's person Gmail account, so even if we had every last email that ever existed on that server—no matter how trivial—you wouldn't be able to confirm the authenticity of this leak (of course with the exception of anything he sent to that server, but that hasn't been what's featured so far).

The rest of the conspiracy theory stuff just isn't worth getting into a pointless internet argument over. Nothing I say will sway you from thinking she's "Crooked Hillary," and nothing you say will convince me she actually did anything with malice. I do object to your logic that "all we can do is assume they are real," but to each his own.

Comment Re:Scientists have proven (Score 2, Insightful) 361

Except when you have no way to verify what leaked emails are real, which ones are manipulated, and which ones are completely fabricated, and you're simply trusting that a foreign power that's actively trying to manipulate the political process in this country is releasing *only* the truth and not performing any alterations to advance their own agenda.

Comment Re:50,000 * 30 (Score 5, Insightful) 377

If you think people are upset because Trump used the word "pussy," you're completely missing the point.

People are upset because he basically confessed to molesting women, then talked about trying to hook up with a married woman, then bragged about how people with power can do pretty much whatever they want, which you may recognize as the line of thought that is used to criticize the legal treatment of Clinton. It's pretty much the profile of a rapist, even if he hasn't gone that far, and it should alarm people, because he shows no remorse, doesn't even seem to realize that there's anything wrong with what he said or did.

Comment Re:Software? Really? (Score 1) 90

I almost never play games, so that's not an issue, though it would be nice to have at least one decent browser for the platform. As for the Hub, I see the appeal of the concept, but the app itself doesn't impress me. I don't use multiple accounts with it (though my coworkers that do seem to have problems) and I'm perfectly happy to have separate apps for mail, texts, and calls.

Really, though, most of my gripes are with the UX: basic navigation is wildly inconsistent, menus are cluttered and disorganized, and a lot of things are hidden in submenus with no indication that something can even be clicked for further options. Really, it's just unpleasant to use, and I'd much rather use Android or even iOS. Oh, and the software keyboard is atrocious. Give me SwiftKey or something equivalent ANY day. Of course, you can't change they keyboard on BB10...

Comment Software? Really? (Score 1) 90

I find this decision difficult to understand. I was forced to get a BlackBerry for work, ended up with a Z30. The hardware seems decent, but the absolute worst thing has always been the software. It's like the people designing the OS have never used a smartphone before. I can see the potential usefulness in some of the software for some people, but as a whole I consider their software to be their weakest point. I only have to charge this thing once a week, because I hate using it so much (ugh, remind me again why I was forced to get this thing).

Comment Re:I have to say it (Score 1) 129

I have to admit, I really don't get that particular scandal. When you have a notification, the X has always just been a dismiss button. When the notification is informing a user about a scheduled operation, why on earth would anyone think that simply dismissing the notification would magically un-schedule the operation? Now, if there were a button inside the dialog box that said "Don't Install" and it did anyway, now we'd have a legitimate scandal.

Comment Re:Stupid people (Score 1) 129

Because there's more to Office than just Word, and having the ability to add custom code actually has a large benefit to programs like Excel and Access. And maybe someone wants Excel to generate an email in Outlook or a Word document as a report, or update a PowerPoint presentation? Just because you don't use a feature doesn't mean that someone else doesn't have a very legitimate use for it. There's a reason why macro support is often cited as a weakness of competing suites like LibreOffice.

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