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Submission + - Web monkey needs job! (How should I go about it?)

Larryish writes: "Been using computers since I was old enough to type, and primarily Linux since late 1997.

Since then I have been knocking around doing freelance computer work; building websites, configuring or administering servers, maintaining networks of sites to promote products or companies, setting up SOHO networks, doing the occasional cabling job, and running a small VPN hosting service. As a bachelor I could fly by the seat of my pants, but last year I got married and the game changed. Need something more secure, a "career" if you will.

I consider myself to be fairly well-rounded, not much of a coder though I can tweak existing PERL or PHP scripts to my needs, not a DBA though I am familiar with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Been hitting up some businesses here and there, they see me in my 30's with no "time-clock" work history and toss the application paperwork straight into the wastebasket.

What would you folks recommend as the best way to get into computing "professionally"? MCSE and A+? MCSE, A+, and A.B.A.?"

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