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Journal Journal: Blogs and Blogs

Done got me two of them blog thingies now: is for local civic affairs in the suburb of Portland, Oregon, I now live in. is about tech, gadgets, ham radio, and what to do with tech.

This is in addition to the now-and-then brief articles I write for, the Expert Guide for amateur radio at PalmSource I write, and the occasional support question for PalmOS over at All and comp.sys.palmtops.pilot on USENET.

Suppose I ought to revive the Palm Wireless FAQ and the Handheld's Cellular Data FAQ one of these days, but I'm dancing as fast as I can.
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Journal Journal: Profundity

"Clearly, latrines are the forgotten Last Amenity of the Apocalypse. (Other signs.. Michael Jackson as your Best Man (?), Christina Aguilara as your makeup consultant & Cher as your personal shopper.) - ginmar

Stories I keep coming back to:

RULES OF THE GAME by G. Gordon Liddy


CONCRETE JUNGLE by Charles Stross

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