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Comment Re:Hopefully... (Score 2, Funny) 709

Hopefully they will see this while browsing /. during work and straighten their ways. I mean, that happens all the time, doesn't it?

Well, this anonymous Ask Slashdot could really be any office with any noob who's complaining that they're the new bitch.

So here's hoping that several hundred office noobs take shit for this article today.

Way to spread the wealth buddy!

Comment Re:ehh (Score 1, Insightful) 201

Are you blind? It's one thing to compare DirectX 9 versus 11 video games, where either API lets you create highly detailed, high performance graphics.

It's another to compare the gigantic difference in picture quality between 1080p/720p and craptacular 480p (at most)

The difference between high def and standard is pretty darn immediate and obvious for new content such as TV shows that were made using the right digital cameras. Film, not so much, because the darn camera and lenses in movies is often set to blur hard edges and details, and of course is a craptacular 24fps.

You must work for sony, have stock in sony, or have spent thousands of dollars on the equipment you're talking about.

Comment Re:Where do I begin (Score 1) 582

Honestly this is a brilliant solution, and exactly what a lot of us do in the military, too. The Army is constantly pushing people to get promoted into managerial slots they can barely manage, but a lot of people just hang around in the lower ranks for years and years.

The bonus? You get severance pay if you don't try to get promoted, hit the ten year mark, and they force you out because of it. And I'm talking upwards of $23,000 for the lower ranks.

Comment Forced (Score 2, Interesting) 319

Of course Bing has overtaken Yahoo. They just flipped the Live search over to Bing, and the media hype machine filled in the rest.

At work, where our security settings prevent changing the homepage or default search engine, any mistyped URL automatically rolls over to Bing now, without any prompting from our IT staff.

Comment Re:Now If We Could Just Get ... (Score 1) 485

You say business or otherwise, but then say this is based on a lack of knowledge of alternatives? So you're saying that businesses are getting windows on their mass purchases of computers, and then investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into volume license copies of corporate versions of Windows just because they didn't realize that offered free live cd images?


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