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Comment Re:Disgusting use of censorship to protect bad mov (Score 4, Insightful) 487

I honestly don't know much about Turkey, but as for the Germans: They've owned up to what happened and they've passed laws to make the truth easier to get at. They've searched the world over to locate war criminals from that time and ensure they are prosecuted. They've repatriated stolen art, personal belongings, and family fortunes to those it was stolen from. In short, a generation of Germans who weren't even alive when this atrocity happened, have stepped up to make amends and heal the world. So even if Turkey was innocent of the accusations, they would be no better than the Germans. And by the way, Hollywood has flogged Germany over and over again for what happened... so in all respects you are mistaken.

Comment Re:Not a terrible thing (Score 1) 199

You've actually PROVEN apple's case here. If I can put a keylogger inline with your keyboard, or sniff your wireless logitec, then I don't need to *know* your password, I can just replay your keystrokes. It's just that in the case of a keyboard reversing to the password is trivial, where reversing to a useful finger is harder.

Comment Re: Hey Apple... (Score 5, Informative) 199

This is a re-post article... and the reason for it has already been made clear: If you can replace the fingerprint scanner, you can trick the phone into giving you access. This is why apple locks the hardware together. Not that I'm an Apple fanboi or anything, and I do think that people should have a choice, but perhaps that choice should be that apple will "unlock" all your hardware if you so request, and then you can put any hardware in there you like, knowing that you assume all risk. I imagine they'll never do that because it's just more work for them, and they have a reputation to protect even in the resale market. But if I'm apple and I face a decision on whether to lock hardware (so I can advertise as having a very secure device) or not (so I can advertise having a hackable device), I at least want my advertising strategy to align with my build strategy.

But there you go, knowing is half the battle.

Comment Re:Oh really! (Score 1) 360

I came here to say exactly this! Nolan underestimates how many people have a far superior experience at home. I know not everybody does, but many people do. For my part I used to have a dedicated theater in my home with 177" diagonal projection screen, tiered reclining leather seats, and 7.1 surround (at the time it was the best you could get). I can have a far superior experience without all the trouble. Maybe in the end it would be cheaper to just go to the theater, but let's be honest here, I don't care WHERE my money goes for my experience... only Nolan does.

Comment Re:okay... (Score 1) 360

Exactly. The theater experience is about as much fun as going to the emergency room. Filthy theaters, sticky shit on the seats and floors, yammering undisciplined children, the over exuberant people on their smartphones, the texters. The price.

I think that's exactly the chaos that Nolan et. al. is relying on to prop up his latest film... it's like being in the film!

Comment Re:Fails a basic test... (Score 1) 88

I would go even further and say that just because instagram has some feature (like stories or whatever) doesn't mean that all users utilize that feature... I can't stand them, and I wish there was a way to disable them in instagram altogether. It's just an annoyance and consumes screen space that could be used for something interesting. That, plus the "live" (also stolen) feature are designed to keep you perpetually engaged in the platform through FOMO, "maybe you won't see something if you go offline for a few days."

Comment Ground Control to Major Tom (Score 1) 340

Managed by a tower.. that's the real problem here. I don't fly, but I've listened to a LOT of air traffic control and ground traffic control. Ground traffic is tough to manage, runway incursions are a huge risk, so how do you communicate to a pilot on *which* runway to land when there's only one, and the divisions or segments are ambiguous? How do you communicate to ground crew that they can or cannot cross the runway, and where? It seems that the ground logistics alone make this a perilous idea. If you've never heard it, search for ATC on YouTube and give it a listen, when there are crashes on the runway, there is a TON of radio traffic trying to keep people from making things worse.

I don't know how common this is in the rest of the country, but my local international airport has two runways, but both go north/south. Weather is almost always favorable for that profile, and when it's not, it doesn't matter because geographic features prevent any other landing profile. Is it really common in other parts of the US to need every possible landing direction?

Comment Alternative: (Score 4, Interesting) 126

How about discussing the best that could happen - and how to encourage it?

I've said it before and I'll risk repeating myself here: Artificial intelligence != artificial malice. AI isn't going to want to destroy humanity unless we program it to. Therefore job #1 is to keep these decisions out of the hands of the military. Problem solved.

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