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Comment Re:No, just no (Score 1) 560

So do you take Benadryl recreationally? I think you're missing the point that some drugs are useful for things, but aren't habit forming, therefore it's easy to walk away from them when you don't need them anymore; thus you remain in control. Other drugs typically get regulated in some way because they ARE habit forming. The user of the drug expresses the desire to stop using the drug yet doesn't have the willpower. Cigarettes are a great example of what happens when an addictive drug goes largely unregulated. Look at the strain on our healthcare system caused by long term smokers. If you care about other people lying in a hospital bed drowning in their own fluids, you might say this is already tragic. But if you don't, just look at what is coming out of your pocket to subsidize the healthcare of smokers. Every time you pay your insurance premium, you are subsidizing those who can't pay for it themselves.

Getting back to pot, maybe the risks aren't the same, but you can't say there is no risk. So look far into the future you are arguing for, and imagine what might you be forced to subsidize for those users who can't or won't stop?

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 5, Interesting) 200

Unless they're buying out TiVo, they're already second to market... I haven't cared in a LONG time what channel or time my show is coming on, I just use the TiVo app on my phone to search for what I want and magically it appears on my screen. Want to watch a series? Not a problem! My TiVo will assemble all the episodes of that series on the DVR from any source it can get it from including recording it from air, netflix, amazon prime, hulu, etc. Full disclaimer: I have no affiliation with TiVo in the slightest... except I own one and it obviates the problem described above.

Comment Re:That must be why you prohibit ride-sharing! (Score 1) 270

That's a bullshit argument.

When a schoolbus hits your kid, you don't just sue the driver, you sue the driver, the drivers union, the school, and the school district... 'cause this is 'murica, the must litigious place in our entire solar system. Do you think for a second that if someone gets hurt while hailing an autonomous Tesla, that they're not going to sue Tesla, regardless of whether or not the hailing service is operated by Tesla? So as long as Tesla is forced to take some risk, they're going to want a piece of the profits too. That's why the prohibition on using _other_ ride haling providers.

Comment Re:I've got 2 problems with a digital wallet (Score 1, Interesting) 206

Oh, god, the irony. Did you just bitch about your credit card company sending you a statement proving how closely they track your spending??? Maybe you should look up the definition of "account" or "accounting"... seems like a credit card company wouldn't survive long if they DIDN'T track your spending perfectly.

The real concern for you should be how they use that data, and who they share it with.

Second, please point me to the news story that says the secure enclave in your phone is a worthless data sieve and is far worse than the risk of carrying a traditional credit card, or cash? I mean seriously, I regularly find cash lying on the ground in various places, parking lots, playgrounds, etc. but I've NEVER lost money due to trusting my phone.

Comment Re:Laws should be changed... (Score 1) 241

I would propose instead, that in order for a DMCA to be valid, the party must name the work being violated.... and if the claim is found to be false, the original length of the copyright term is divided by two... I guarantee that will put a stop to this, and a lot of great works will fall into the public domain in a matter of weeks.

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