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Comment Re:The gambling isn't the problem... (Score 1) 32

I totally agree with this except for one point: Gambling is an addiction, and just saying

Maybe we just just let suckers lose their money

removes our humanity from us. I'm not big on regulations, but allowing people to drown in debt is just as legal, and just as reprehensible as letting someone drown in actual water.

Comment Re:The ego... (Score 1) 428

Do you watch Bosnian Bill? That dude is awesome!

Anyway, what I really came to say is music videos where I actually came to hear the music: probably at a ratio of 1:500 to 1:1000 against videos of lock picking, machining, woodworking, oh, and also Hak5, and Russian car crash compilations. Only that last item has a problem with stolen content... but that's not why I go to YouTube.

Comment Re:Another one bites the dust (Score 1) 365

Statistically, what are the odds of you having any of the same contacts as me on LinkedIn? Virtually zero, unless I go to trade shows and pad my list of "contacts" with anyone and everyone I can from across the country. In the end, are you really going to put any trust in me by virtue of the fact that we both randomly hit up the same conference presenter with a LinkedIn request? I'm not ignoring the power of the network, I'm stating that the power of the network is diluted by the social graces that make us say yes when we really should say no.

Comment Re:Another one bites the dust (Score 3, Informative) 365

The problem is that neither their claimed experience nor their professional social network are authoritative... both can be made up, and in my experience, LinkedIn is just a list of people who want to establish the maximum number of connections, regardless of the reality of the professional connection. I last signed in to LinkedIn probably 3-4 years ago, but when I was actively using it, it was easily 50:1 people who I had never met or heard of who wanted to connect with me.

Comment Re:Yet we can't build houses... (Score 3, Insightful) 152

I think there are two camps with this one... going to space helped us with all kinds of tech... so it follows that building flying cars will also make lots of amazing technology avialable, something about a rising tide mumble mumble...

But there's also the line of thinking that if these guys have the willpower to do that, why can't we get clean drinking water for every person on the planet... or solve world hunger, or whatever great cause du jour.

I think rich playboys pick things like rockets and flying cars because it allows them an intellectual outlet while avoiding the nasty business of fixing the "human problems" like warlords, ignorance and superstition, and apathy. Those are the real reasons we have starving people on this planet... not because of lack of technology.

Also, I have to agree about the price of housing. Why all tech companies all have to be physically located within walking distance of each other befuddles me. Hopefully one day Tele-presence tech will get good enough that it doesn't matter where you live, and commuting will be a thing of the past... Then you can live where you want and not have to worry about traffic and insane housing costs.

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