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Comment Re:I've got 2 problems with a digital wallet (Score 1, Interesting) 206

Oh, god, the irony. Did you just bitch about your credit card company sending you a statement proving how closely they track your spending??? Maybe you should look up the definition of "account" or "accounting"... seems like a credit card company wouldn't survive long if they DIDN'T track your spending perfectly.

The real concern for you should be how they use that data, and who they share it with.

Second, please point me to the news story that says the secure enclave in your phone is a worthless data sieve and is far worse than the risk of carrying a traditional credit card, or cash? I mean seriously, I regularly find cash lying on the ground in various places, parking lots, playgrounds, etc. but I've NEVER lost money due to trusting my phone.

Comment Re:Laws should be changed... (Score 1) 241

I would propose instead, that in order for a DMCA to be valid, the party must name the work being violated.... and if the claim is found to be false, the original length of the copyright term is divided by two... I guarantee that will put a stop to this, and a lot of great works will fall into the public domain in a matter of weeks.

Comment Not a differentiator: (Score 1) 256

You can even draw on websites with a stylus.

This is just plain lame. If it's a killer feature, then what is stopping other browser manufacturers from duplicating it? If it's not a killer feature, then other browser makers will ignore it and it will die!

How is this feature even useful by the way, it's not a web standard, so it's not as if someone else can see what you are drawing on the web page... unless you cast it to raster, in which case, I can already do this with ms paint and a screen grab... I'm just not seeing how anybody is clamoring for this feature.

Comment Re:The gambling isn't the problem... (Score 1) 32

I totally agree with this except for one point: Gambling is an addiction, and just saying

Maybe we just just let suckers lose their money

removes our humanity from us. I'm not big on regulations, but allowing people to drown in debt is just as legal, and just as reprehensible as letting someone drown in actual water.

Comment Re:The ego... (Score 1) 428

Do you watch Bosnian Bill? That dude is awesome!

Anyway, what I really came to say is music videos where I actually came to hear the music: probably at a ratio of 1:500 to 1:1000 against videos of lock picking, machining, woodworking, oh, and also Hak5, and Russian car crash compilations. Only that last item has a problem with stolen content... but that's not why I go to YouTube.

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