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Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 60

Not quite "baloney" if you also look at it the other way of having a resource that could be dragged into orbit if you want to build stuff in space instead of having to drag it all the way up from Earth at the cost of vast amounts of fuel. If it could be used that way it's the equivalent of spending shitloads in cash.
Otherwise, yes, file it with a snake with poison strong enough to kill five elephants in a single bite under silly metrics since it's not getting to the ground to be sold.
However journalists like that sort of extrapolation.
At least this time it wasn't in Volkswagens or Libraries of Congress.

Comment Re:He's certainly *different* in many ways (Score 1) 1302

It depends how you define it. They certainly gave him very large bank loans that we do know of. That isn't a contribution (unless it gets written off some time in the future) but the other banks were very reluctant.
He was funded by a lot of Russian cash but there is nothing illegal about that. So the Russians did help and he does literally owe them a great deal. So long as it is paid back in cash and not some special favors it's not a problem, but people are worried that it's going to be special favors. It's not a good look for a leader of a country.

Comment Re:He's certainly *different* in many ways (Score 1) 1302

Exhibit one of that conflict: In the two weeks after his meeting with Japan's leader while still PEOTUS some legislation was drafted and passed to allow casinos to operate on Japanese soil for the first time. Co-incidence? Are people willing to lay bets that the first casino in Japan will not be sending money in Trump's direction?
I thought it would take him longer but he's already been up to that game.

Comment Re:He's certainly *different* in many ways (Score 1) 1302

I imagine he fought Meryl Streep because she was given so much prime time

He did it because he's incredibly petty and didn't ignore something so trivial and get on with any of a million other things that should be more important to him. It's this aspect of his personality that means that the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and just about everyone else will be able to play him like a flute. Take a look at how he's reacted to Putin's comments about Trump for an example. Putin's flattery had already got Trump doing some things that a level headed President would avoid doing if only to show that they can not be so easily played.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1302

Losing a major war to an invading force is about the only way a country can "end" in that short a time period

You forgot about going from a Republic to a Dictatorship. A lot of countries as people know them have ended that way. Chile was a good example of that. Last year a SF editor would throw out any suggestion of that as being way too unrealistic for the USA in even fiction, but now all bets are off.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1302

You expected a constitutional lawyer to be a radical? He was never going to do anything more than a few minor changes to the system that was already there - hence an extension to a fucked up insurance system instead of an actual health care system.
A lot of people say that having to start by digging America out of a hole in 2008 took the wind out of his sails and he could have done more, but that's irrelevant since it was obvious that there was going to have to be a lot of repair after perpetual vacation boy Bush.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1302

Trying to find VPOTUS IQ scores

Mostly because it's irrelevant.
Actions are what matters.
The results of an IQ test are not going to get you into a University for a good reason - it's a very rough test that doesn't indicate much at all and is probably going to give different results on the same person two days in a row.

Comment Re:Let them eat Tweets! (Score 1) 1302

If Taiwan wasn't capable of defending itself, the mainland would have invaded _decades_ ago

Against China? Seriously?
The Chinese leadership still think they'll get it back eventually just like they did with Hong Kong. One of the reasons they think that is all of those pro-unification politicians they have been paying for in Taiwan.

Comment Re:News for Nazis (Score 1) 1302

Reality is a lot of sheep and a few wolves. The wolves fare better in every system other than a democracy. Where "might makes right" you get wolves in charge.
Was that dumbed down enough to match the really dumb quote you lifted from a rabid wolf who falsely attributed it to Franklin? Franklin spent a big chunk of his life pushing damned hard for a pure democracy.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1302

So what would that make rocket attacks, firing mortars at a apartment complexes and playgrounds ?

Pretty fucking ineffective but it makes the Saudis and Iranians who paid for those old inaccurate Shah era rockets to be shipped over feel warm inside for contributing to the "struggle".
It is fucked up on many levels with not just a few utter pieces of shit on both sides but also outsiders egging things on.

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