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Comment Re:If we're following protocol (Score 1) 125

I think they already do and I think the major media outlets have been soft-pedaling leaked Clinton campaign documents. They've been reporting on them but it sure feels like selective and soft reporting designed to minimize perceptual damage to Clinton.

If they took leaked emails related to Clinton and really ran with them, it could conceivably damage her campaign, so they aren't.

Personally, I think they underestimate just what Clinton backers will tolerate and are miscalculating by soft-peddling the information, because in the long run it destroys their credibility. If they would really light her up it wouldn't make Trump look any better AND the media would regain some of their credibility.

Comment Re:No they won't. (Score 1) 191

There's two problems. One is the arbitrary labeling of gun control measures as "common sense", two is that gun control advocates never bring anything to the table -- it's their "common sense" gun control policies only, they refuse to compromise anything to get what they want. They are willing to give NOTHING in return.

I always wonder what would happen if both sides would bargain freely on the topic what either side would give away in exchange for some kind of restriction.

Would gun control advocates agree to exempting suppressors from the NFA in exchange for closing the "gun show" loophole? A carry permit valid nationwide in exchange for deeper background checks? Re-opening the machine gun registry in exchange for a national registry of all guns?

Comment It'd be nice for AR-15s (Score 1) 191

you don't usually use one of those to scare off a bugler, you use a pistol (to be fair, the AR-15 _was_ designed from the ground up for killing men, but I digress).

Put it on your target shooters and "hunting" rifles. That way when some depressed teenager reaches for it (either to shoot themselves or someone else) it doesn't work. Good friend of my brother's, Amazing singer, killed himself that way. Temporary chemical depression that coulda been treated. But pulling the trigger's real, real easy...

Comment You use an AR-15 to protect your home (Score 1) 191

or a pistol? The guns that scare the libtardos (because they're used over and over in mass shootings) are either "hunting" rifles (if /. allowed css fonts I'd make those quotes bigger) or used for target practice. If you were planing on using them against the United States Military when Crooked Hilary gets elected it'll be too late by then. You and your AR-15 don't stand a chance against a modern mechanized army with supply lines and tactical training. If freedom's your bag start trying to figure out the wealth inequality problem. Money is freedom. It's the only thing that really matters. People don't oppress you for the hell of it. They want your money.

Comment You're being silly (Score 2) 191

or inflammatory. Not sure which. The evil libtardos aren't coming for your guns. And what possible difference would it make if we did? Do you have any idea what you're chances are against a modern, mechanized army? Stop caring so damn much about your precious firearms and start doing something about oppression brought on by wealth inequality. About Wage Slavery. About Voter disenfranchisement. Hell, there are folks who matter talking about taking away women's right to vote. And all I can get out of 40% of the country is some nebulous fear of 'Bama commin' for yur guns. It's been 8 years. Don't you think if he was going to do it he would have? Hell, since 'Bama took all the guns what's left for Crooked Hilary to take?

Comment If we're following protocol (Score 1) 125

you're suppose to give it to a Journalist who scrubs it of the personal and private stuff and just leaves the stuff of public interest. That's what you do if you have a code of ethics and such. That's what's leaving a bad taste in the month from what Assange is doing. He's not cleaning it up before he releases it.

Comment Re:Halfway There (Score 1) 191

Apparently I missed the part of this story where these manufacturers are trying to take your guns.

And on that subject, how many people have you guys turned out to the polls every time warning that the Democrats were with some imminent plan to take all your guns the second they take office? How did that turn out? Apparently I missed the massive seizure of privately owned weapons that you guys are constantly talking about.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 545

Really? Is there any evidence of this? I have serious doubts that servers and food preparers were any good at this even before the whole GF craze. Just look at how it is for people with severe peanut allergies today: everyone's heard about it now, and knows how dangerous and life-threatening it is for these people to consume them, yet we still have reports of restaurants being sloppy and someone having an attack or even dying because of this. You just can't trust a bunch of underpaid fools in a restaurant kitchen to not cross-contaminate foods, unless that restaurant explicitly specializes in food free of a certain allergen (like a gluten-free bakery for instance). People like that really shouldn't be eating out at all; it's just not safe.

Comment Re:Fog hod sake People (Score 1) 331

While I've done a lot of work as an engineer in power stations I'm no nuclear engineer (and the ones I worked with were Russian!), but the cooling towers work the same way in coal fired power stations.
It's not steam anywhere in the cooling towers FFS - it's not even very hot. Same molecule - so - it's not the "steam" molecule so how does that make it correct?

My comment above was mostly exasperation at the almost content free article and their interview with the manager who knows as little about his plant as you do. It's a little depressing that so many here thought actual hot steam was coming out of those things.

Comment Fog hod sake People (Score 1) 331

FFS - just look up the wikipedia article for cooling towers instead of revealing that you are commenting on a topic you have zero clue about.
The water in those things is not very hot, it's typically starting at 40C or so and the stuff that comes out is fog.

As for your nuclear engineering comment - irrelevant - the guy that made the "steam" comment - footballer, historian and lawyer with a career mostly in banks.
He doesn't know any better.
You should.

Comment Re:How much of that is entirely Microsoft's fault (Score 1) 480

Funny - that's exactly what I thought when you wrote "The result is an obviously incompetent IT staff at IBM". It's a pity you didn't get the message despite the overblown and unsubtle way I presented it. How blunt do I have to be next time? Red text and BLINK tags?

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 167

THINK - If that was really the case then why was nearly every other nation in the Pacific reason invited years ago and not China? Why is Kerry inviting a journalist with an empty promise instead of inviting diplomats with a real one?
This has been going on for YEARS and TPP drafts have featured on wikileaks. It's good that you are taking an interest but I suggest that before you go around "correcting" people it may be worth taking a bit more of an interest and get some background on the topic. I didn't expect some sort of attack from someone not very aware of the issue just for describing it in broad terms.

Submission + - 'Calibration error' changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois (

Okian Warrior writes: Early voting in Illinois got off to a rocky start Monday, as votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats.

Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan: “I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent,” Moynihan said. “You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat.”

The conservative website Illinois Review reported that “While using a touch screen voting machine in Schaumburg, Moynihan voted for several races on the ballot, only to find that whenever he voted for a Republican candidate, the machine registered the vote for a Democrat in the same race. He notified the election judge at his polling place and demonstrated that it continued to cast a vote for the opposing candidate’s party. Moynihan was eventually allowed to vote for Republican candidates, including his own race.

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