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Comment Re:Save often, make backups (Score 1) 465

Yes, it's called "don't be a fucking retard and save multiple copies of everything locally".

Seriously. If you can't be bothered to make the tiniest bit of effort to preserve your work then it obviously has no value.

Clearly he should have copies of the artwork but you can't back up social media and the relationships you build there.

Comment Re:Sorry, Not Sorry (Score 1) 767

If people are driving properly, and obeying the speed limit, then your complaints are groundless. You can kvetch all you want, as that's your right? But unless you buy the street and make it private, then you have to accept it as part and parcel of living in a civilized society.

In British cities, the local authorities often close off parts of roads to prevent "rat running" through residential areas. That's more civilized.

Comment Re:Senile? (Score 2) 951

The idea that we are living inside a simulation is far from original from Musk. Perhaps the most prominent contemporary proponent of this idea is the philosopher Nick Bostrom.

It's also peripherally related to the idea of a Boltzmann brain

When I first heard this hypothesis I started thinking about how you would model an infinite universe. The distances between the stars compared to the lifespan of a human could be an artificial barrier to limit the size of the simulation.

Comment I know how to type but I don't know what to write (Score 4, Interesting) 255

You might as well say you know how to touch type but are staring at a blank sheet of paper. Programming is a tool for solving problems. You need to have a problem domain you're interested in (or somebody is paying you to be). Everything else is reinventing the wheel for practice.

Comment Re:Something similar (Score 1) 460

rm -rf doesn't actually delete the files. It's the linux counterpart to windows "quick format" lets wipe out the table and index, but not the actual data

My understanding is that rm will unpick the daisy chain of linked blocks allocated to the files and move them to the free list. I don't think there is any easy way to reconstitute removed files. Do any of the fancy new *fs do anything different? Mind you, I once used unlink as root unwisely and was able to recover an entire directory tree from lost+found. But that's a whole different mechanism.

Comment Re:Fuck him (Score 1) 182

I am completely willing to bear these risks and costs. It is my cost for freedom, I know that, *history* knows that, and I will bear them. If some fucknut strafes the local shopping mall while my daughter is there and she's killed, that is my cost for her and everyone else to be able to live a life without ID and to go have fun at malls and all sorts of things in life.

Statistically in the USA that shooter would most likely to be acting alone and no amount of snooping would stop him. (But that's a whole different discussion).

Comment Re:Mars is impossible (Score 1) 310

Step one, for any of this, is to build a "permanent" for real ship.

A Ship that you can point in a direction and go. A Ship with a rotating section for artificial gravity. A Ship with a multi mega watt power source A Ship with several smaller vehicles for going to and from a planet etc.

Shooting people up there in a tin can that will burn up or be turned into a hut just isn't viable. Take the time to do it correctly.

Step zero: find a trillion dollar budget.

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