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Comment Re:Nationalists, not religious fanatics (Score 1) 505

Do some research, and look up the meaning of Sectarian Violence. The Troubles were catholic vs protestant at the base line.The IRA were nationalistic in that they wanted a Catholic Republic.

No, they were Irish and wanted a united Ireland free from foreign rule. Just like any other independence struggle. I don't condone their violence but it was not primarily a religious war.

Comment Re:Long settled (at least in US) (Score 1) 139

In US, discrimination is illegal UNLESS it is demonstrable that discrimination is directly related to one's job.

In the UK (according to ACAS "an employer [...] can insist on recruiting a job candidate who has skills in English necessary for the job, but it must not select based on assumptions about race, nationality, or ethnic or national origins."

Comment Re:Robots are Labor Made Out of Capital (Score 1) 644

Not if we take the whole thing to it's conclusion. If robots are capable of making themselves, then robots will eventually be had for the cost of materials. So maybe in the future poor people will have their own unemployed robots....

And robots mine, refine and transport the materials too.

Comment Re:This is different from the status quo how? (Score 1) 338

The people who call themselves "coders" already do little more than paste together half-assed open source projects they find on github and snippets copied from Stack Overflow.

Replacing them with an AI would increase the quality of software by orders of magnitude, and increase the productivity of everyone who can't be replaced.

Modern dev ops: understand the problem; find existing tools and glue them together with bespoke code and help from stackoverflow; test; understand why it doesn't work; debug; decide it fixes the problem; phased deployment.

Maybe AI could one day do bits of that but it'll be a long time before you would trust it to do it all.

Comment Re:Will EV work outside cities and suburbs? (Score 1) 72

But I say all this in the knowledge that there are lots of people I know without a driveway so can't charge at home, or who live more than 50 miles from work, or can't afford 2 (new) cars, or can't park 2 cars or ...

Certainly in my inner city area about 1/3 of households have a car but I'd guess the vast majority of those are parked far from their domestic supply.

Comment Will EV work outside cities and suburbs? (Score 1) 72

I really can't see EVs catching on. Early car pioneers carried cans of spare fuel but you can't do that with a pure EV. And 30 mins to charge? And how long is the queue for the charge point even if you manage to find one? I've read reports of UK public chargers being unreliable.

EVs are probably a good thing but range anxiety will take a lot of overcoming.

Comment Re:Difference in work product (Score 1) 587

The UK might become the new India for outsourcing. Perfect command of English, only 5 hours time difference so at least there is some overlap, similar culture... But much lower wages. As the value of our currency continues to decline and we push for cheaper labour and lower pay, we will start to become very competitive with India for highly skilled developers.

Except the UK has an IT skills shortage and has to import EU and non-EU engineers to deal with local demand as it is.

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