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Comment Re:And so it goes... I hope it's not what I fear.. (Score 1) 62

That means the artists probably have to move somewhere else, which is fine I guess, unless it's only a matter of time before the new site gets too expensive to run and either dies or gets sold off.

Or... it's not a new site, and it all collapses into something like facebook. I am not on it, but it's harder to avoid it. I quit using instagram (for that reason, and because it's toxic) and I do use whatsapp to keep in touch with several friends in different states in a group chat. It does bother me that fb owns them though. It seems like only a few companies will 'own' the majority of the content of the internet, at least in terms of how the masses consume it.

Comment Re:another view... (Score 1) 121

And still... I don't want one.
I am a gear-head, and I don't think I could ever get away from that. Electric vehicles don't interest me much, even though some are amazing from a performance perspective. I think it would take a very long time to replace what we have now anyway. I think it will happen, but hopefully not completely. I am all for progress, and I think that the leaps that technology have made in the automotive industry are pretty incredible. Just don't take away our rich automotive history by outlawing/banning it. I still want my computer-less cars and motorcycles. If we get to 90% clean vehicles that's great! Just let me keep my loud polluters that I love.

Comment Re:Lovely (Score 4, Interesting) 76

It's fine that you don't, but those of us who are aren't really worried. Client side encryption means not trusting the transport layer - even https.

No 1Password data is put at any risk through the bug reported about CloudFlare. 1Password does not depend on the secrecy of SSL/TLS for your security. The security of your 1Password data remains safe and solid.


(I use LastPass myself)

The security I get from having unique 14+ char completely random passwords for _every_ site by far outweighs the slight possibility that access to both my encrypted binary as well as my master password slips out. The by far easiest attack vector for that would be hacking my systems, and if that happens any system I log on to can be snooped then and there as well.

Comment Re:another view... (Score 1) 121

Exactly. And it isn't like the roads were unoccupied, there were roughly just as many cars as normal.
Also, I have driven it on clear days where there is much less traffic - like Presidents Day or other holidays during the week that not everyone gets off. And the traffic patterns are the same.

There's always 2 or 3 people who need to go 10 mph faster than everyone else. I can be going 75 (15 over the limit, btw) in the left lane, with a series of cars in front of me, and some jackass will come flying up behind me, then swerve into the middle lane, then the right, pass a few cars on the right, swerve into the middle lane again, then cut someone off ahead of me by cutting into the fast lane of traffic. Then lots of brake lights. I am not saying that is the cause of all the traffic issues, but it sure doesn't help things. Not to mention that its usually pretty crowded, so it isn't like they get anywhere faster than anyone else.

Comment Re:Are people still using that? (Score 1) 135

No, you seem to not get it. The "real" women are American, and hence are overwhelmingly obese. The trannies aren't.

If you guys find obesity attractive, then more power to you, but obesity is extremely unhealthy so from an evolutionary biology viewpoint, it's perfectly normal for a man to not be attracted to obese women.

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