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Comment Re:time for more apprenticeships over older collge (Score 1) 226

Exactly. And also of note that biology and life science degrees are also considered to be easier than the physical sciences and engineering disciplines due mainly to the lack of advanced mathematical concepts and rigor. It is turtles all the way down (or up?) though, and if people are being condescending to others studying humanities, or what is contrived to be an easier/less rigorous field, you should take a minute to look at the people studying electrical engineering, who have no time to be condescending! :-)

Comment Re:time for more apprenticeships over older collge (Score 1) 226

Right. You don't get people switching to Biology because it is too hard, what you do get is a ton of Biology students that have no real interest in Biology and just want to "become a doctor" (note that they do not really want to practice medicine).

Actually, (even with no evidence) I believe that at least a third of these people have no real interest in biomedical research, they are just doing it as a graduate student because there are almost no other options available. They did not make it into Medical school (or could not afford it) and have no other option with an undergraduate degree in Biology.

Not going to medical school and with no real idea of what to do in the 'real world' with their biology degree and an advisor talking about grant money, they are encouraged to apply to graduate work in biomedical research or something similar. They don't really care about it though, they are just failed doctoral students.

Call me biased, but too many freshman level advisors tell people to study Biology.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 3, Informative) 193

Saying NYT made an incorrect calculation and explaining why is fine. But what was Apple's tax rate, then?

We won't know until the actual profits are calculated at the end of the trading year, when Apple pays the remaining balance.

If you can't answer that, then you can't say the figure itself is incorrect, only the means used to arrive at it.

What?! Yes, you can. Because it was derived from 2010's, it doesn't reflect what Apple's actual tax rate will be for its 2011 profits, which were much higher than 2010's. Therefore, the figure is totally useless.

Comment Oh (Score 3, Funny) 193

Whoops. Well, I'm sure Slashdot's comments to the previous article were totally reasonable.

Why does Apple hate America? (Score:5, Insightful)
by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 28, @06:23PM (#39834399)

Good citizens pay their fair share, so it must be asked: why does Apple hate America?


Comment Re:You shouldn't. Nobody should. (Score 1) 240

You know, every time I see someone on a forum defend PHP, they eventually admit that they write PHP for their job. If you have a vested financial interest in PHP, it's understandable that you'd have a desire to defend your source of income, but it doesn't change the fact that PHP is objectively a terrible language. Just because the PHP bashing is old doesn't make it wrong.

Comment Re:You shouldn't. Nobody should. (Score 1) 240

Are people seriously defending the use of PHP in 2012? You talk about testing when PHP doesn't even pass all its own tests according to the official website.

PHP's creator has publicly stated that he is not a programmer and is not interested in being one, that he didn't set out to create a programming language, and so forth.

When I see people defending PHP, I have the same reaction I get when I see Scientologists defending a religion started by a science fiction author.

Comment Re:Taxes suck. (Score 0) 345

Do you actually believe there's a conspiracy going on to tar Google? Google's tax practices were first reported on Slashdot in 2010.

Most importantly, note that you don't refute any facts in the stories. Instead, you appeal to Google fans who don't like seeing negative stories on Slashdot by talking about secret campaigns and conspiracies, which instantly got you modded up, even though you have zero proof that this submission has anything to do with a Facebook plant.

I think Google's constant 2012 controversies have caused fans to go into a meltdown around here.

Comment Re:The Name (Score 0) 737

Some people go out of their way to let people know they're not offended by things that are obviously inappropriate because they think it makes them appear enlightened and impressively independent-minded to others.

You are one of those people.

"Gimp" is a stupid name for what is supposed to be a flagship open source project. Period.

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