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Comment Re:We need a new secure internet (Score 0) 183

It's all because the Internet is a trust-based network. What you describe are flaws in a trust-based system. Frighteningly, your solution is to get rid of trust.

What you really want is not trust, but control. Once systems like the one you propose are in place, there will be the ability (which doesn't exist right now) to really control Internet traffic. About five minutes after that happens, the first government abuse of that power will take place. Then, the abuses will just get larger and larger. Good luck with your controlled network, because you won't be able to say much on it.

Comment Re:Imagine (Score 1, Insightful) 119

That doesn't scratch the developer's itch, though. That sounds an awful lot like commercial software development. When open source developers do something, it's to scratch an itch that they're having. Force them to attend to the user's needs and they will desert your project immediately. Then you'll have no developers at all.

Comment The really sad thing (Score -1) 610

It is so irrepressibly sad when a bunch of neckbeard Reddit users do a better job at investigating than the New York Times, CNN, Agence France-Presse, The Guardian, the fucking FBI, and all of the rest of them put together. I mean think about it. A bunch of internet randoms are doing a better job than people whose work it is, specifically, to root out political corruption and punish those responsible. These people aren't just good at it, they are highly intelligent people with advanced degrees who went to school for years to learn how to do this. And they got beat by a bunch of nobodies from the internet. It is so sad that "I'm from the internet and I'm here to save you" is actually a thing now.

Comment The real question (Score -1) 70

I notice this article leaves out the most important part of comet exploration: What kind of shirt was the spokesman wearing when he made the announcement? The article is silent on this topic, when we know from experience that this issue trumps anything, up to and including humanity landing on a comet.

If you can force a rocket scientist, celebrating the accomplishment of a lifetime, to cry and grovel and beg forgiveness on international TV for wearing a shirt, you are not unempowered.

Comment Excellent (Score -1) 564

So, Apple, evil globalist corporation, is getting slammed by the European Union, evil globalist supra-government. Fight more, fight longer...I love it!

One of you is going to say Apple are the good guys and don't deserve biased anti-American treatment like this, and another is going to say the EU are the good guys and deserve the extra tax revenue. You're both wrong, that's what makes this so beautiful! From one of my favorite Chevy Chase movies, Deal of the Century: "Whoever wins, we win. Whoever loses...we win."

Comment Re:I'm making a note here (Score -1) 88

Eh, being a "geek" means liking computers a bit more than you like people. I liked it back when you didn't have to know the "geek anthem" or the "geek events" or what Wil Wheaton's beard style is currently. I knew it was all over when girls started to wear fake nerd glasses as fashion. There weren't even geek cards, you just had to be a person who liked learning.

Comment Leaves out the important story (Score 0, Funny) 61

This is nice and all, but it leaves out the important story - what kind of shirt was the spokeman wearing when he made the announcement? We all know, from empirical experience, that this issue is far more important than any mind-shattering science that could have been done that day.

If you can force a rocket scientist, celebrating the accomplishment of a lifetime, to cry and grovel and beg forgiveness on international TV for wearing a shirt, you are not unempowered.

Comment Re:OMG, a months rent! (Score 1) 242

In the future, please do not respond to Score:0 anonymous posts. Slashdot has been infected by severe trolls from 4chan and they post regularly. They feed off responses, so don't give them any. The best revenge to a stupidly inflammatory response is silence. That's what trolls hate most of all.

Comment Re:By God men, we can't allow a time-in-space gap! (Score 1) 44

Where's this bizarre concept come from? "The Soviets will destroy us all with their superior number of days in orbit!" is just straight out of left field. Who was even talking about that? You need to get with the new picture...Russia is ruled by a maniacal dictator who hacked the DNC and who is friends with Trump. They don't share in any humanity as long as they are throwing gays in jail. Russia today is a preview of Trump's potential fascist empire.

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