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Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 0) 529

Yet that madman and a wildcard managed to overcome the challenge from sixteen politically smart guys and the Republican party machine to become the candidate and then go on to defeat the Democratic candidate, who was supremely qualified and politically adept ; she was fully supported by her party, the media and Hollywood and yet she was beaten by Trump.

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Remember Obama, and Clooney telling us that Trump would never, ever, be elected President and they are very smart and full of political nous.

Remember all the political pundits and pollsters telling us Trump had got no chance against the eminently qualified and capable Clinton?

Well here we are with this "madman and wild card" as president who is now setting up to rearrange the relationship with China to America's advantage. He is doing the same with NAFTA, TPP and TTIP. He intends to make sure America becomes energy self sufficient. All this to bring jobs and wealth to AMerica for the national benefit.

You, and all of your ilk, can witter on about Trump as much as you like but the hard fact is that he has never been a politician yet he has rolled over the political class in America and he is about to do the same to China. You, your friends and the Chinese are making a big mistake to underestimate Trump. You think you understand him and make glib pseudo-psychiatric analyses of him but you actually have no understanding of him at all.

Comment Re:Where is the burden of proof again? (Score 0) 211

So we are just making shit up now? Where's the evidence? There's no evidence, just assertions. Like the one you just made.

Jesus Christ this is like Fox Mulder. "I want to believe." Anything to avoid the realization that the American people rejected you and Crooked Hillary, eh? And now you have to deal with an election you could have easily won simply by doing two things: refraining from engaging in verbal abuse of poor whites, and coming up with a plan to help them. Those two things would probably have been enough to have reduced Trumpâ(TM)s margin in some key rust-belt states and helped Crooked Hillary win. You could have easily gone back on the promises after the election.

Comment Re:Wikileaks: Good ideal, pathological implementat (Score 0) 211

Assange isn't a useful idiot. He's an anti-American asshole who spent his entire adult life trying to find ways to harm the USA. Funny how he was a left-wing hero when he was blowing the NSA wide open. But now that he's doing what he's always done - harming America with whatever means are available to him - suddenly he's a villain? He didn't alter the results of the election. Nobody cared about the emails or the FBI.

Now, I bet the discussions in the Michigan union halls and the Pennsylvania VFWs went something like this: âoeYou know Mitch, with the economy so good and America so respected in the world, I was totally going to support Hillary continuing Obamaâ(TM)s work, but then I found out that Donna Brazile was feeding her CNNâ(TM)s debate questions. Also, until Comey reminded me, I had totally forgotten Hillary was under FBI investigation for doing what would have gotten me sent to Leavenworth if I had done it when I was in the Navy. So, despite loving all the Democrat policies that have made my life a paradise, especially the idea of a law allowing grown men in dresses to loiter in my tween daughterâ(TM)s restroom, Iâ(TM)m voting for Trump. Oh, and Iâ(TM)m a deplorable racist and hate science. Also, sexism.â

âoeYou flyover rubes are so stupid that you can be manipulated by the facts that we were too incompetent to effectively hide from you!â is probably not a great way to win hearts and minds, but hey progressives, feel free to go with it.

Comment Re:If only we can erase Trump's presence 2008-2016 (Score 1, Troll) 110

Leftists, always looking to silence opposing views. That's why Trump is going to ignore the media and talk to the people directly. The media is a hostile filter and only exists to make him look bad. Just tell us directly. The media dropped their last pretense of objectivity during the election season and came full-out for Hillary. They cannot be trusted to report the truth, no matter how often they tell us otherwise. The whole world saw it.

Comment Re:More evidence (Score 0) 115

Incredible. After being criticized ruthlessly for decades about bullying other countries and interfering where we're not wanted, suddenly withdrawing from the world is a BAD thing. WTF? How did this happen? Are we in Bizarro World? People are lamenting the fact that America isn't going to dominate the world any more? That's what you WANTED, you assholes!

Comment Re:hail! government makes us safe! (Score 0) 40

The US government is not a decent government. It's not playing the cynic, it's fact-checking. If you get your news from some source that claims the US government is decent, you're reading fake news. Decent governments do not bomb peaceful countries, have drone murder programs, and take care of their lesser people. The US government does none of these things. The horror clowns are the last, desperate reaction of the American people in late-stage capitalism before the whole thing collapses. And that day can't come soon enough.

Comment Re:It's the sexbots, stupid (Score 1) 366

I hit a nerve, eh? Yeah it's true, women are more aggressive and masculine than ever. This translates directly into being less attractive to men. It sucks. Turns out, men don't want a woman who will really challenge them. That's the last thing men want.

Women won't marry a robot because women need emotional attachment. Men just want physical satisfaction and the optical pleasure of a good-looking woman. Men's senses are easily fooled by robots. Women? Well I'm not saying it's going to happen but it will be a lot longer until a robot husband can give women the kind of emotional fulfillment they desire.

Let's not even get in to the dark needs that women actually have. The ideal robo-husband is going to make demands of her and do all sorts of non-consensual things to her. Yikes, let's ignore this part without comment.

Comment Re:As Someone Actually In Turkey (Score 3) 83

But Turkey voted for this. This isn't some crazy despot, it's the will of the people. Islamic countries want to live under Islamic laws. Freedom of Speech is an imported concept from the West, along with racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and all the other issues that Trump successfully ran on.

Perhaps it's best to consider the period of 1920-2010 as an aberration in Turkish history. Now Turkey is merely regressing to the mean, as it was always going to do.

Comment It's the sexbots, stupid (Score 1) 366

Meh, it's not the marriage bots we need to worry about. It's the sexbots. Within 10 years there will be robots that are good enough to satisfy most of a man's needs. They'll be kind, forgiving, sweet, feminine, encouraging - pretty much the opposite of today's woman who has to make it in a man's world. This will have gargantuan effects on our society. Men will save up for their sexbot, and afterwards drop off the grid. Some men will buy shares in a company that rotates the sexbots once a week, some will buy several, and some will buy one for a wife replacement like in the article.

But the real change will be in the Third World, where women are scarce. From this New Yorker article:

Early last week, while the political world was waiting for Hillary Clinton to address the moral, diplomatic, and technological questions posed by her e-mail habits, the United Nations issued a report asserting that more than one in three women experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetimes. One in ten females under the age of twenty is subjected to âoeforced sexual acts.â In more than thirty countries, it is not illegal for men to beat their wives. In the United States, eighty-three per cent of girls between twelve and sixteen confront sexual harassment in school. Even the earnest bureaucrats of the U.N., who tend to favor euphemism and skip over cruelties like honor killings and âoecorrective rape,â could not help but label the rate and the variety of mayhem regularly exacted upon half of humankind as âoealarmingly high.â

Sexbots will put an end to most of this. Women worldwide will welcome the sexbot revolution as it will mean much less abuse, much less sexual harassment, much less rape. They will finally be able to ditch the unwanted chore of sexually satisfying undesirable men. Permanently. There are thirty million undesirable men in China who will remain lifelong virgins, celibate as monks despite the fact that they really, really want not to be. Sexbots will give these men a chance at happiness, and women will thank them for it. If sexbots mean a single woman doesn't get acid thrown in her face for rejecting an undesirable man, then it's all worth it.

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