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Comment Re:common security pratics ? (Score 4, Interesting) 233

Once worked in a place where the "architect" swore up and down that his "philosophy" was that if people were to hack into the database, they wouldn't then get the keys to the account, they'd go for other details like credit cards and what-not, so there was no reason for encryption. Very glad I'm not working there anymore because arguing with him was useless. Once his mind was made up, that was that.

Comment Re:Don't think so (Score 1) 230

I have seen no evidence that women and men who have the same education, the same work experience and the same priorities are paid differently. On the contrary, I have seen studies that say that women who are paid less than men actually chose that - because, when they negotiate working agreements, they prefer better working conditions (such as not having to work overtime, having more time for their children) than high salary.

So you haven't seen numerous studies regarding this at ALL?

Regarding abortion, you should know that the percentage of pro-lifers is equal among women and men.

Source, please. And I was addressing BIRTH CONTROL, not abortion. The fact that you're already confusing the two tells me where you stand on this one....

Regarding "government run by men". Most women don't seem to have a problem with that, given that they vote for men. Women are a majority of the voters. I don't even know what to make of this argument, other than it assumes that women aren't in government because women aren't voting for them, and women "don't have a problem with this"? What? No.

And "rape culture"? Last I checked, rapists are the most despised criminals in the world. Even other criminals _hate_ them.

Then why is there so much victim blaming and shaming, and trying to solve the problem by telling women where to go and what to wear versus teaching men not to rape? Why have I run into women who make comments like "At least if you're ugly, you won't be raped" like being attractive has anything to do with it? That's called "rape culture".

You're obviously a victim of head-in-the-sand-itis, so I don't expect a coherent reply to this other than "Uh...uh...YOUR MOM!"

Comment Re:Don't think so (Score 2) 230

"And in the case of feminists or homosexual militancy, what reasonable goal do they have left?"

Where should I start, or do you live with your head in the sand?

For women, earning the same as men. Not having our right over our own bodies and choice over childbirth being decided by men. Not having a government run by mostly men. Not being discriminated against in the workforce. Better healthcare. Elimination of the rape culture.

For the LGBT community...I think what they'd like is the freedom to be who they are without losing their jobs, being assaulted or murdered, you know...basic human rights.

That's just the short list. For the rest, well...I'd advise maybe getting out there and well, being in the world. Ya know.

Comment Re:Non-Native Insight (Score 2) 322

"This is not a sexual harassment scenario. It's pretty well established by now that women are rare in the computer industry simply because they're not interested in computers...not because of hostile workplaces." If only I had mod points for "-1 male privilege". As a woman who has been in IT for 13+ years, your statement is definitely, definitely untrue based both on personal experience and observation.

Comment Re:Standard practice? (Score 2) 192

I was a contractor at a place where they had an application where there was NO hashing, no encryption, just bare text in the database. When I brought it up to their architect, he informed me that his "philosophy" was that if they were going to hack the database, wouldn't they go after other data than passwords? He refused to believe such a thing would have any validity. It was a very classic case of the stubbornly and willfully ignorant. Glad I'm not there anymore.

Comment $0.02 worth from a woman in the IT field... (Score 3, Insightful) 697

Female software engineer, been in the industry past 13+ years. I can definitely vouch that sexism, while not frequent, does indeed still exist in the workforce. I have been blatantly discriminated against and to my face in regards to my gender, one company made me telemarket for them as a developer because "women sound better over the phone". The other developers initially were forced to telemarket as well but were allowed to stop. I wasn't, and when I asked why was given that response. Hm. I think it comes down to perceived attitudes more than anything else. If you want more women in IT, stop selling Barbies to little girls telling them that "math is hard". I was raised around computers, taught myself to program at aged seven. No one ever gave me the impression growing up that "only boys" are interested in computers. I was the only female to graduate with a Computer Science degree, and nineteen times out of twenty am the only female developer at my workplace. I hope that this is a generational thing and will go away with the younger folk. My advice: raise your daughters on this stuff, and don't cop out by buying that pink Barbie software crap like they need "special things" because of their gender. Let them use it and run with it like anyone else. My $0.02 worth.

Submission + - Inventor of the TV remote control dies (

futuristic writes: "A spokesman for Zenith Electronics says Eugene Polley, the inventor of the first wireless TV remote control, has died.....Couch potatoes everywhere have Polley to thank for hours of feet-up, channel surfing. His invention began as a luxury, but has become a necessity in an era of hundreds of TV channels and home theaters. Just ask anyone who's lost a remote."

Submission + - Fake Facebook Accounts Cost As Little As $0.06 (

jfruh writes: "Are you interested in buying a the kind of Facebook account a scammer dreams of — one with a of a pretty young woman as the profile pic? You can get them for as little as six cents apiece, if you buy in bulk. Of course, you pay for quality — to get a phone-verified account that an actual human has signed off on, you'd pay up to $1.50. The fact that anyone would be buying so many at a time points to the emergence of Facebook botnets. (And lest you think we're picking on Facebook, there are bots for sale for Google+, Craigslist, and other sites as well.)"

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