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Submission + - Less than 2% 'Like' mobile carriers despite millions spent on Facebook campaigns (

zacharye writes: Less than 2% of mobile carriers’ subscribers “Like” them on Facebook despite the millions of dollars they collectively spend in an effort to promote their services on the world’s most popular social network. Facebook made its initial public offering on Friday and while the company’s stock price dipped below the IPO price of $38 on Monday and continued to slide on Tuesday, Facebook’s offering was the biggest Internet IPO of all time by nearly 10 times. There is no denying that Facebook and the 900 million people who use the social network are of tremendous value to businesses looking to promote their services, but mobile carriers have seemingly not found success thus far as they attempt to bolster Facebook fan counts...

Submission + - A weighty comic: xkcd on gravity wells ( 2

Will.Woodhull writes: "xkcd's comic for today is a wonderful description of the solar system in terms of gravity wells. Don't miss it!

It does raise a couple of questions: how accurate are the numbers (can we trust our comics in this day and age)? should this be incorporated into K-12 schooling? And what's with those Titanics: it seems like like they are singing a Frank Sinatra lyric with their lungs full of helium?"

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Google Snags Oh-No-You-Don't-Xerox-Your-Ass Patent

theodp writes: Thanks to three spoilsport Google engineers, it looks like photocopying your butt at the office may soon be a thing of the past. On Tuesday, the USPTO granted Google a patent for Automatic Finger Detection in Document Images, which the search giant notes covers detecting the presence of 'a hand or other body part' in scanned images and automatically erasing it.

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