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Journal Journal: Last entry here

This is my last entry here. I'm on livejournal now.



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Journal Journal: Eh...

Well, got my two most recent tests back. Did about 10 above average on both, so I'm very pleased with myself.

Thanksgiving was great. 2 dinners, one at my house the other at my girlfriend's.

I loved seeing my girlfriend for a whole 9 days. Can't wait til winter break.

In other news, one of my younger brothers has a band called the Hammerhead Sharks. Go download their mp3 at mp3.com.

Hammerhead Sharks at mp3.com
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Journal Journal: Sick :(

I'm sick today. I started feeling bad last night. This is no good. I have two tests this week. I can't be sick!

*curls up in a little ball*

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Journal Journal: Ahoy!

Ok. So I was really pissed last night when I wrote in my journal. I'm over it. I had a shitty week last week. But I got like 12 hrs of sleep last night so I think I'm better now.

There's not too much else to report. I'm still hoping to reformat my computer tomorrow. Just need to finish backing up a few things and I'm good to go.

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Journal Journal: Fuck it

This week just hasn't been my week. I'm pissed about a few things. I'm tired. I just want to forget it all.

Fuck it.

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Journal Journal: Grarara!

So I've got my second discrete math midterm tomorrow. No idea how I'll do. I think I know most of my stuff, but I've been wrong before. My only consolation is that I'm smarter than at least half the class. So if I do poorly, a majority of people will do worse. That's what I'm hoping anyway. Yay for curves!

In other news...um...hrm...I plan on reformatting my computer this weekend. It's starting to run a bit slow and Win2k is having problems. So I'm going to back up my important files and wipe the harddrive clean. Yay!

G'night kids!

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Journal Journal: The time is...

The time is now 8:47 in the PM and I still hate discrete math.

That is all.

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Journal Journal: Um...I have a journal?

So I'm reading Slashdot as I normally do to kill time when I see this option under my profile for journal. And I was like, 'Wha?' so here I am. This is my first journal entry. I know it sucks. But that means it can only get better, right?

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