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Comment Avoid the middle man completley (Score 2, Interesting) 664

Use a game trading site. I've tried a couple, and the best by far IMO, is

You send out games you don't want and accumulate points depending on their MARKET value (not rape-me-in-the-ass trade in value @ gamestop), and use those earned points to request games that you want, (which are also worth market value). The currency isn't $$, it's goozex points.

You pay shipping (usually $2/game) when you SEND games to other people, and it costs $1 when you REQUEST a game you want. Great way to get rid of stuff you haven't played in years, and you save a ton of cash to boot. Plus no middle man bending you over.

Comment Re:hacked (Score 1) 270

I was talking about the hassle of opening up your $300 apple tv and writing scripts. Not everyone feels comfortable prying open their expensive toys (I guess /. isn't the right place to make that assumption). As for conversion times, yes it would take awhile, for me it's worth the disk space that using .h264 gives you. I have a mac mini (1.66ghz) - the slowest mac currently available. Visual hub converted a 1GB xvid file in around 5 hours or so. Much faster than exporting with Quicktime and if you have a MBP or a Mac Pro, it'll chew through your video collection in no time. IMO, it's not much of a hassle since visualhub is a 'set it and forget' kind of app. Also, converting vids to .mp4 file with Visualhub, or it's free cousin iSquint ensures that you can view them on your iPod, which you cannot do with an xvid file. But to each their own I guess......
The Courts

Submission + - Supreme Court to Hear 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' Monday

theodp writes: "In 2002, 18-year-old Joseph Frederick held up a 14-foot banner saying 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' as the Olympic torch passed by his Juneau high school, sparking a feud with the principal that heads to the Supreme Court on Monday. Legal experts say Morse v. Frederick could be the most significant case on student free speech since the days of Vietnam War protests."

Submission + - Pot plant pics lands MySpace teen in jail

paynesmanor writes: "Authorities were monitoring the web for gang activity when they found a picture of a potted pot plant the lable read: "My Mary Jane thats growin in my closet right now", athorities also found, pictures of weapons, and other people showing gang signs. Athorities tracked the website creater to eighteen-year-old Moua Yang, who used his real name, and even posted a picture of himself. Athorities raided Yang's house and found the pot plant in the closet just like the photo showed. The teenage boy was arrested Monday, and has since been released. The teen faces felony charges of manufacturing marijuana and maintaining a drug trafficking place, he also faces two misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Full story, can be found here. ail?contentId=2684798&version=1&locale=EN-US&layou tCode=TSTY&pageId=3.2.1 Or here, 2007/03/15/0703150229.php"

Submission + - Google: Don't blame heat for disk drive failures

BobB writes: "Temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit may not be damaging to disk drives, according to new research by Google engineers which casts doubt on previous findings linking heat to elevated failure rates. After studying five years worth of monitoring statistics from Google's massive data centers, researchers say they could find no consistent pattern linking failure rates to high temperatures or high utilization levels. e-disk-drives.html"

Submission + - Evolution by Any Other Name

jakosc writes: Plos Biology has an interesting article on the avoidance of the word 'Evolution' in scientific papers and grants. In 'Evolution by Any Other Name: Antibiotic Resistance and Avoidance of the E-Word' Antonovics et al. claim that "In spite of the importance of antimicrobial resistance, we show that the actual word "evolution" is rarely used in the papers describing this research. Instead, antimicrobial resistance is said to "emerge," "arise," or "spread" rather than "evolve." Moreover, we show that the failure to use the word "evolution" by the scientific community may have a direct impact on the public perception of the importance of evolutionary biology in our everyday lives."

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