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Comment Re:Fixing the problem (Score 4, Informative) 177

Comment If these cases involved guns.... (Score -1, Offtopic) 189

Want a simple correlation? If you force gun owners to register their purchase, and then hold the registered owner responsible for any crimes committed with that gun. Bring that up in a trial and then get your popcorn as your local politician tries to explain his loyalty to both sides.

Comment All Best Buy jokes aside.... (Score 4, Interesting) 300

This actually is very interesting. I don't know what the plan is for this, but i do know that being beholden to shareholders has forced many companies to make business decisions that were not very prudent in the long term.

by going private, this would allow Best Buy to alter their current strategy and become more competitive in the electronics marketplace.

no one is going to invest 8.5 billion dollars for something like this without a solid plan. i can think of dozens of ways to improve their bottom line, and i'm sure that people more experienced than i could think of hundreds. what best buy has at the moment is a huge chain (nationwide?) of retail locations that their local demographic typically depend upon for their electronics needs. however, with amazon and probably newegg biting hard into their overhead, this might be part of a strategy to expand their online presence. this would be a move that the shareholders would never agree to, as it would involve short term loss for long term presence - but as a private entity beholden to none, they could make a mint by simply offering electronics online or 'ship to store' at competitive prices by investing in distribution and warehousing facilities

Comment Re:Kinect - Gathering In Junk Closets Everwhere (Score 2) 155

not to feed the troll, but you apparently haven't bothered opening your windows and looking outside :) congratulations on finding someone who agrees with you on the internet, btw :) to think you found an article where someone trashes something you dislike, and you wave it up in the air like a victory flag.

According to the Guinness book of world records, more people like the kinect than hate it, but in your defense, they were probably too busy having fun to spend any time online responding to flamebait. I'm out, flap your armfat once in a while buddy, use your anger for something healthy.

Comment Re:Now how does this change the hardware? (Score 1) 155

go look around on google - yes, the article had marketing buzzwords, its how business works, but beyond that - over the last year so many amazing things have come from the kinect - the hacking/modding community was come up with some very innovative ways to use it and the science schools have already done magic with this thing - didn't MIT use a kinect hack to do a real time holographic projection chat? it was crude, but it was a beginning

Comment Re:Now how does this change the hardware? (Score 5, Interesting) 155

Or you could, you know, read the article. The directly address why the windows version costs $100 more than the Xbox version, and after reading the entire article, I think it is both justified and reasonable. While I have little expectation that you are going to read this reply, given that I use words, like the article, I am going to summarize the important parts with regards to your statement.

The Kinect for Xbox was subsidized by Live subscriptions and game sales, with the PC version they are going to focus on the hardware and allow people to innovate with their hardware for free. Instead of paying for licenses to develop or for support, etc - you pay the entire cost at purchase, and you will get support for the product without expense.

While you can complain and gripe about the extra hundred dollars, I would implore you to maybe stop and think about what you are getting for the price. Why don't we ask around and see how much other companies are charging for a single device that includes video and audio functionality as well as speech to text translation and motion capture. At $250 this device is a steal. Yeah, times are tough, money isn't raining from the skies, but with all the iMorons blowing through apple products like a new york heroin addict in the hills of Afghanistan, well, skip an update on your phone one month.

I believe that the Kinect is going to do more to revolutionize computer interaction, gaming and functionality more than any invention since the second button on a mouse. They could price this at 500 dollars and I'd put down money that every retailer would blow through their inventory. At 250 dollars, not only will they put one on every computer inside of 2 and a half years, but they are laying down a foundation for young engineers, scientists, hackers and hobbyists to create a community with vast potential.

While this site often condemns the 'greed' of corporations such as MS, Sony, Google, etc - I think this is a case where I feel proud to have put my money towards innovation.

XBox (Games)

Submission + - Have you been the victim of FIFA hackers on Xbox L (

Kwirl writes: Just a few weeks ago, my Xbox Live account was 'hacked' similiar to the author of the linked story, and like the author, I have had little support finding answers about why my account, and thousands of players like myself, had our accounts recovered, our bank accounts drained, and our gamerscores increased by FIFA players.

In my case, as a long time EA gamer and Xbox user, they had merged my XBLA ID with my EA account for their various online platforms, trusting them is my fault, I know, but the convenience of managing my games in one location outweighed the likelihood of someone getting my account from either Microsoft or Electronic Arts. Or so I thought then.

My XBL account shared password and email information with only one other source, EA — No one got that information from phishing, and my computer was secured beyond the levels of the average user, as well as regularly swept for trojans/malware/spyware/keyloggers/etc.

How do I go about finding out answers when both EA and MS cut and paste response to everyone of the thousands of victims who ask is 'Sorry, suckers get hacked all the time, change your password.'

When the 'hacker' recovered my gamertag from microsoft, why was my billing and account information provided to that person? If the person who recovered my account from microsoft been forced to re-enter my bank card information, there is a fairly strong chance that this would never have happened.

Why did Microsoft and EA both protect themselves with anti-class action measures in their EULA after being hacked by Lulzsec if, as they claimed, no dangerous information was lost?

A quick google search of any combination of the words 'EA', 'Xbox', 'FIFA', and 'hack' will pretty quickly let me know that I am not alone in dealing with this incident, but none of the corporate parties involved will acknowledge any culpability.

I don't like the MS/EA defense of 'It must be your fault, you got phished' — but since I don't have access to any of the details regarding who/what/when/where/how my account was compromised, I feel like I don't have a choice but to let them keep walking on me, and the number of google responses to issues like this is more than a little worrisome to myself.

Google reveals thousands of victims of these incidents, but how many /. users have gone through this experience, and what questions do you have?

Comment There are no adjectives available... (Score 2, Insightful) 69 suitably describe how much I loathe that game franchise right now. I spent 60 dollars and bought world at war on the xbox, loved it and spent another 50 bucks to get it on the PC. I bought all of the DLC for both systems. Then I bought MW2 for the xbox and loved it. Then I made the mistake of spending another 50 bucks to get it on the PC without realizing just how horrible of a choice that was.

IWnet is the most ridiculous, horrible thing to ever happen to gaming. And what really 'grinds my gears' (Thanks, Peter!) is that they did it for the sole purpose of forcing customers to buy their DLC. Yes, I am guilty, but meh. I played battlefield 2 on the PC for YEARS, and they provided support, patches, new content and game fixes for the most part at an acceptable rate.

Then MW2 comes out and ... ok, I'm getting redundant. Long story short, Battlefield Bad Company 2 - I will never spend a dime on call of duty again. Sorry, Treyarch, I know this isn't your fault, and god bless you, i STILL love Nazi Zombies, but you happen to be under the roof where I hope the lightning soon strikes. BTW - go to EA or Respawned and I'll take it all back and buy every game you release as long as you aren't with the A team.

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