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Comment Re:Physical will be around for a while. (Score 1) 244

I'm on the opposite end of consumer habits, I have sold all of my optical discs. If I want to watch/listen something and it's not on Netflix/Spotify, then I just don't. I don't bother with the entertainment that much. Same for PS4, if the game is not available on PSN then I don't play. Changing the mindset from feeling entitled to play/watch/listen something to consuming (or not consuming) things that are on limited number of services helped a lot.

This saves a lot of space near my TV, I just have a simple rack to keep my PS4 there. No shelf or anything else to keep stuff there, also I don't need any big data storage to save my media collections in digital format. I also don't need to spend time to setup my entertainment options, it's either there or not. I recommend this style for everyone.

Comment Re:Is there such a thing? (Score 1) 189

I got mine too, this is my third windows phone in a row. I feel that the OS itself is a bit rough still and needs several rounds of updates. I don't have confidence that the phone is keeping me informed about messages and emails, as I have noticed several times the tile counters to be out of sync with the actual contents of the folder. I also got few spectacular crashes so far and attaching the phone on the Continuum dock was a painful experience, only few apps work and whole system functioned poorly.

Anyway I had similar feeling with the Lumia 800, but it got fixed into nicely working phone. I'm expecting this to start working as well.

Comment Re: About $1400 + import duty + paperwork (Score 1) 347

You do realize that the same procedure and costs apply to new cars as well? I have moved my car from US to Finland and the process sounds similar, most of the paperwork was managed by the company I hired to do the move. Over all I saved $10000 when I did the transfer. Car value in US drops much faster than in developing countries as well, it's because in US people can afford letting go of used cars and get new instead. Taxes on cheap cars are less than taxes on new cars because the tax is percentage of the value.

Comment Can they skip city wifi? (Score 1) 138

I think real question is if Cubans can skip the wifi and go straight to 4G. City wifi is the worst thing that could happen to them, just give few bucks a month 4G service and nobody misses wifi. Cellular network is better designed to handle handovers, longer range, more users, and easier maintenance. With the population they have cellular data should be the way to go.

For average U.S. person wifi feels better because you get local service (Starbucks) that serves limited number of customers well. The wifi service also appeared to US when there was no cellular alternative that could be fast enough. There is no reason to skip current cellular technologies.

Comment Re:Writing a custom darknet to fix this... (Score 0) 244

I have different approach. I got Spotify Premium, so I have access to all the music I listen to. When Taylor Swift pulled her songs from the service I said to myself: "I'm not going to bother, I don't have to listen to her songs anymore!". I have same approach with Netflix, if a movie or TV series is not there, I don't watch. I don't feel entitled to listen/watch content that is outside of the services I pay for.

My approach costs less and keeps my free time free from stress. On the other hand if you do enjoy making a private streaming service for your friends and family then by all means, but try justifying your effort better.

Comment Re:Early Noughties (Score 1) 495

I would also add that some policies helped in telco profitability as well. In Finland one of the big ones was that as long as 3G service is available in rural area it is fine for the telco to cut down the physical cable to the household. Telcos removed thousands of kilometers of error prone cables and replaced them with cell towers.

Another great change was that almost all new apartments (since 2000) started treating internet connection as an utility, same way as water or heat with RJ-45 cabling in homes. The bill is included in the maintenance fee so it's easier to get better prices from telcos as they have only 1 bill to send, 1 router to install, 1 fiber to dig. Even old apartment buildings have adopted this practise and cost of high speed internet has gone down significantly.

Third change that was done is that there is a maximum price set for renting the cables. In case a 3rd party wants to serve a customer in an area they don't have cables they can utilize the existing cabling and pay a reasonable rent for that cable.

Last but not least the emergence of 4G has changed the fixed connection offering. It's now very common for a regular household (especially outside of city centers) to only have a 4G router at home instead of ADSL modem, because 4G is faster and cheaper. Only fiber can really compete with 4G anymore.

Submission + - China to launch an inter-city quantum communication network in 2016 (

Kumiorava writes: "China will complete and put into service the world's longest quantum communication network stretching 2,000km from Beijing to Shanghai by 2016, say scientists leading the project." — South China Morning Post write.

The rate of innovation in China is amazing and it is obvious that China is no longer just a world's manufacturer or copier of the innovations. I'm looking forward to the race in innovation that is soon needed for US and Europe to keep up with Chinese. Most impressing thing about Chinese innovation is that they do implement the innovations in a pace that is unheard of in western countries.

Comment Re:Was pretty obvious (Score 1) 284

I understand that there is great concern in immigrants arriving to work in US, but I don't think closing off the borders is solution. You can ask yourself two questions:

1. If you wanted to go and someone was willing to hire you abroad, should you be able to work in an another country?
2. If a person from another county wanted to come and someone was willing to hire that person in US, should he/she be able to work in US?

The whole thing boils down to this, freedom of being employed anywhere in the world. It does sound crazy but we are no longer living in closed societies, at least I do hope that is the case. If H1B visa program is shut down, there are virtually no legal paths to US job market for foreigners.

There needs to be two changes to the work visa rules:

1. H1B worker is able to seek another job during his/her visa duration, as long as the job is similar or better than his current job. Currently not allowed.
2. Is laid off the period for seeking new employment is 6 months before needing to leave. Currently it is 7 days.

Those two changes would make foreign workers able to raise their salaries and leave abusive employers. This would bring healthier work environment for everyone and increases in salary across foreign and domestic workers.

Comment Re:Bose is overpriced crap and always has been (Score 2) 328

Also I forgot to mention that Apple SSD PCIe drives perform about twice as fast as your average SSD on SATA port... which does not come cheap as well. Together with double capacity you are looking at performance that even money cannot buy for this particular Lenovo machine. Higher-end Lenovo's can easily match that, but it comes with a price.

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