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Submission + - Transformer Prime Delayed ( 1

KowboyKrash writes: "Wifi issues are Causing a release date delay for the much anticipated tablet. Pre-order are to be honored first. --Best Buy, Staples and Future Shop all put this up for pre-order, then decided to shift the release dates around. The latest launch date is for December 20th – however, an email by NCIX shows the Prime has been “delayed worldwide and will most likely not be available before Christmas”. — sad new"

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What is the best way to print for an (

KowboyKrash writes: "Does any Slashdotter know how to print from an Android Tablet? I have read about Google Cloud Print but will it work from any or at least most apps? Is there a Better Solution? A little Back ground I am purchasing an Asus Transformer Prime after Christmas as a gift to myself. My plan is to use this to replace my laptop complete for portable computing. I currently have a really nice desktop that doubles as a home server and, an Acer Aspire 6930 laptop for my mobile computing needs. With my laptop being 4 years old and the battery failing I want to replace it with a device with 10 hours of battery. Most of my computing consists of web surfing, social media, and some light typing -250 words or less 2-4 times a week. So far I have already selected several apps that should meet my needs including Polaris Office, and teamviewer to remote access my desktop. So are there and printing solutions for android printing to my network printer at home is good enough."

Submission + - Unlimited Wireless Plans for $19.99 a Month (

KowboyKrash writes: "Republic of wireless is now offering unlimted Talk text and web on android phones for only $19.99 a month without a contract. You have to buy the phone for $199.00 but that includes the first month of service. The only phone available right now is the LG Optimus that runs on the Sprint network. The catch is the the phones defaults to calling over wifi whenever it can."
Data Storage

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: FOSS solution to create custom recov 2

KowboyKrash writes: "OK, a little background I use Acronis to create custom recovery partitions for my personal computers that include all my software and drivers. I work for a Growing computer repair shop which has ventured in to ebay sales of refurbish computers. we receive the machines with wiped Hard drives. since we get multiples of each model we load everything on one then make images with Clonezilla. It would be nice to setup recovery partitions as well.
Acronis is out of the question since it would cost for a license for each machine. Do any Slashdotters know of any FOSS options?"

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