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Comment Re:Address? (Score 4, Informative) 29

Not technically Denver. He's in the Boulder/Lafayette area. His address is 2510 Blue Heron Circle, Lafayette, CO. It's publicly available in several Boulder Daily Camera news articles, just in case anyone decides to nuke me for posting personal information. Article link where i found it is below. http://www.dailycamera.com/ci_13109068

Comment Stomp your feet & say it isn't DRM. (Score 5, Insightful) 208

In the end, it doesn't really matter what you say or how often you deny that it's a DRM scheme. It's how your customers see it now, it's how they react and interact with it, and that's what it will be. Your ineptitude & outright idiocy brought this on yourselves, so you can stop calling your customers liars & ignoramuses - and just fix your crap. You know, try to do something competent and classy to improve your image. Or you can just keep doing what your doing and see yourself on this same list next year and every year, EA.

Comment Not really news... (Score 1) 121

So Microsoft had to follow the same rules as every other developer...even after all of their stalling & complaining? Either pay the 30% cut to have in app purchases or have the purchase separate on the web & sync it separately. Just like Amazon and Nook and everyone else. And what precedent would it set? MS will put up a free "read only" version of MS Office for iOS in the app store, make you go to the Microsoft site to purchase it, and you'll get a key to unlock the remaining functionality or give you access to the Office 365 features. No big whoop. Microsoft is just learning that their name doesn't inspire fear and the need to immediately comply to their demands anymore, and it frustrates them. In the future, the same thing will happen to Apple. It's how the tech world works out.

Comment Now you know how your customers feel, carriers! (Score 5, Insightful) 146

So...carriers...you signed a contract. It's something you can't get out of because it's something you NEED to have to succeed. But...the prices are exorbitant, you're being bent over and pounded from behind, and you feel you have no recourse, no matter how much you bitch and whine? Congratulations! Now you know how every single one of your customers feels on a daily basis. You're not going to get one iota of sympathy from me.

Comment Of course he's free to say what he wants. (Score 1) 1174

Freedom of speech does not include the right to be heard. Mr. Card (and everyone else for that matter) is free to say whatever they want. You are not however, free from the repercussions that arise from that speech- nor does that mean that you have to be listened to or accepted. . If I walk around all day saying that I hate pudgy little assholes with glasses & they're abhorrent in (insert deity's name) eyes, it's quite likely that my job where my boss is a pudgy guy with glasses might find a reason to get rid of me. In this case, readers and coworkers don't like what Mr. Card tends to spout off about outside of his stories. This has affected the potential of a project which he was hired on for, even if his beliefs aren't part of the story. Speaking your mind outside of your work can most certainly affect your work. See Tom Cruise, multiple politicians, etc. who said things that were not part of the actual work they were doing, but had severe repercussions for what they said in their work environment.

Comment Not news. ESPN did this same thing years ago. (Score 1) 292

To get certain channels of ESPN, you had to be a subscriber of certain providers. Those providers bundle the fees for the "enhanced" ESPN channels like ESPN3 into the fees whether or not you want it, have it as part of your plan, or ever watch it. Been going on since 2009.

Comment It's what you need at a Temp Agency for testing! (Score 2) 337

If you go to a temp agency these days, you'll learn exactly how poorly trained many people still are in computer skills. When I took the test on Excel, Beginner level was "Launch Excel, create a new document, save it, close Excel." Because I knew how to do a =SUM formula, I was automatically considered expert. I'd never used Access in my life, but because I knew how to alt+tab out of the test & use the help file in the actual program on the testing machine, I was told that I "already surpassed the skills being tested." As someone who has been in the IT workforce 20 years already, the Intro to Computing course isn't targeted at you. At all. It's meant for the idiots just out of high school who can barely spell or have paid their smart friends to do their word processing for them. Also, "intro" classes of any kind are not the classes that are designed to teach you to think. They're the ones designed to brute force feed you a truckload of information that you build on in the 200 level class next semester - and with computing classes, it's intended to teach you what programs you'll have freely available on campus in the labs or be required to use in classrooms.

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