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Comment Re:So laundering your bitcoin wasn't paranoia (Score 1) 203

being there is no tax in the books for using it its more a scare tacit rember its the irs your dealing with they dont even understand there tax laws.

I don't always take tax advice on the internet, but when I do, I take it from someone who spells like a twelve year old and can't form a comprehensive sentence.

Comment Re:What drawbacks?? (Score 1) 551

this will be better and not inconvenience them in any way

Except for the lack of charging with headphones plugged in. Which you've completely left out of your rant.

That's a serious downside for much more than 1% of users. It is virtually impossible for that condition not to become an annoying pain in the ass.

Thankfully, the 6/6+/SE line remains available. There are no real new useful features on 7 anyway. Bokeh, seriously?

Comment Re:And all of the municipal Internet will too (Score 1) 284

You're afraid that government's going to be run like one of the most successful businesses in US history?

If by "successful" you mean poisoning their customers, avoiding billions in US taxes, and contributing to the overall obesity epidemic in the US, then, yeah, sure. That sounds like a perfect business model for the US government.

It's a commonly stated fact that McDonald's food just doesn't go bad, and there are numerous examples of McDonald's burgers old enough to remember the first season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air still looking perfectly palatable. As if that wasn't worrying enough, when McDonald's food is left out in the open, even bugs and flies won't attempt to eat it. It says a lot when creatures known mostly for converging around piles of horse excrement won't touch your food.

McDonald's has always maintained that the reason their burgers enjoy Ric Flair levels of longevity is because there's very little moisture in them. While this is accurate, McDonald's leavse out the reason their food contains so little moisture. Luckily, actual scientists not wearing golden arches on their labcoats have a simple answer. McDonald's food is laden with so much fat, sugar and salt that they're effectively immune to the effects of spoilage under normal circumstances. Meaning that under the right conditions, McDonald's food could outlive anyone reading this and still be edible.

Comment Re:That will make Uber *WORSE* (Score 0) 96

The only thing more annoying than those are the slashdot poster who inserts a CR after every line for no fucking reason whatsoever.

To your point #1 - over the limit is over the limit. You will not be cited for impeding the flow of traffic if you are traveling at or near the limit, regardless of what other traffic is doing. Because everyone is doing 85 in a 65 does not mean your uber driver should be too.

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