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Comment Re:The name says it all... (Score 2) 160

It's not mispronounced; the first screenshot in this article shows that the menu item (third from the left) is in fact spelled "manbang" and pronounced (using X-SAMPA) as /man.baN/, equivalent to how a conservative English accent would say "man bang" (with open front unrounded A) Here's the Wikipedia article on Korean phonology if you want to analyse it yourself.

...Is it possible you're salty because someone forgot to invite you to participate in Manbang?

Comment Re:konqueror best filemanager (Score 2) 509

But Finder vs. Windows File Explorer vs. Thunar vs. Nautilus? I'd be curious if anyone can show that the choice has any measurable impact on productivity. It seems to me purely a matter of taste.

Here's what you can do in Dolphin and Konqueror versus all the rest:

There's a guy up there in the thread that is very happy with mc. Mc is visually identifiable at a glance because it has 2 panes and a command line. There is a profile that re-creates mc in Dolphin and Konq, which you cannot do in other file managers because they can't do panes.

Why do this in Dolphin or Konq instead of just running mc in a terminal? Because you can drag-and-drop from/to Dolphin and Konq to other programs.


Comment Re: "Ghandi" quote updated (Score 0, Troll) 409

Does it matter? It's not reverseable anyway. Just live further north and away from the shoreline, problem solved.

Hey, in a few thousand years the current interglacial will probably come to an end, and our descendants will be glad we heated the place up in advance.

Not going to be much fun until then, though.

Comment Re: Not quite... (Score 1) 220

The point being that windmills have been a fixture on the island itself for going on 40 years /at a minimum./

It doesn't matter if the eggbeater type sucks or not. Windmills have been in use and we have a so-called resident of Adrian Block's island who has his frilly panties and his delicate sensibilities in a twist about them.

He should GTFO the island if that's the case.

BTW, the island makes its money exclusively on tourism and it's likely that he thinks that this is going to affect the tourism negatively. Windmill farms in other parts of the world have shown this o not be the case.


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