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Journal Journal: Computer FAQ 11

A few weeks ago, I started a small webpage for myself, mostly a blog with a lil bit of info about me.. anyways, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of common computer questions that I get as a quick reference to give people when I'm busy and they ask easy questions. I scribbled out a crappy version for now (curchin.org/faq). The list isn't that big right now, but if anyone would like to give me ideas for things to add/change, that would be great! Also, feel free to send people the link to avoid having to answer dumb questions.

Journal Journal: Just Ordered an iPod :)

I've been wanting an iPod for a while now, but being a student, I have no money. Until last week when I got a job as a Teaching Assistant for a second year programing class. The pay is great, and it isn't a whole lot of work.

I got my paycheck Thursday night, ordered my iPod Friday, and got an email today saying that it has been shipped! Pretty fast for shipping from my experience with other electronics online stores. I got the faster shipping, so I should be getting it sometime this week!

I got the 20GB one, cause it was $100 cheaper and I don't feel that I need the extra 20GB of storage for the price. I have a laptop, so it isn't shouldn't take too long to switch any songs up that I want to keep it under 20GB.

Anyways, I'm new to the whole iPod thing, and was wondering if anyone had any tips for a new user. Also, I've heard that there are 3rd party programs and firmware, any recomendations?


Journal Journal: Firefox... what's that? 8

I've been very reluctant to try firefox after being accustomed to using IE for such a long time. Also, I had a bad experience of using an earlier version on mozilla at school, which was very very slow at loading pages.

I finally decided to give it a try. I just didn't feel that I deserved to consider myself a geek and read slashdot if I didn't at least try to stray from microsoft in the browser department..

I've been playing around with it for a few hours so far, and I'm still debating on using it for my default browser. As for looks, I think it is a bit more pleasing on the eyes, especially with easy to change themes. For speed, in my tests IE has been slightly faster at rendering pages. I'm actually impressed with tabbed browsing--I didn't expect it to help much, but so far, it seems to make things a lot quicker.

More testing will be required before I make my final decision. If you are thinking about trying it, I'd say to go for it. Nothing to lose but an hour of play time.

Anyone recommend any good extensions that I should try? Right now I'm using the gmail one, and it seems pretty good.


Journal Journal: More Gmail Invites 51

I have 5 more gmail invites to give away to slashdot readers. Leave a reason as to why you would like an invite, and your email addy. It is very important to leave your email address, as this is how the invite will be sent to you. Several people who I would have liked to give accounts to last time did not leave their email address. The contest will end this weekend(saturday, or so depending on how busy I am).

I have chosen 10 winners so far instead of the original 5. I will keep this going, post if you want an account, and I will give more away as I get more invites. Also, if you have any extra invites, feel free to help people out :)

The winners are: doublebackslash, H Fisher, po boy, CaptainPinko, stretch0611, grasshoppa, Atuin the Great, Datafage, KoopaTroopa, and ekkridon

Journal Journal: Contest is Over

The contest has come to an end. My g/f picked the winners--for reasons unknown to me. Many of you did not leave email addys, so were unable to win!

I will be giving more invites sometime this or next week. These invites will be given the same way as the last.

The contest winners are as follows:

If you won, and have not got an invite in your inbox, send me an email.


Journal Journal: Gmail Invites 15

I have just got a few new gmail invites, and have about 5 left that need homes. If you would like one, post a comment to this thread telling me why you would like one. Also include your email addy. I should be picking winners this weekend as long as there have been people that want them.
User Journal

Journal Journal: About Me

Well, this being my first post in my Journal, I thought I'd post a bit of information about myself. So here it is ;)

I'm a third year computer science major, doing a business administration minor at the University of Guelph in Ontario. I'm really liking the program so far, and have a love for programming.

This summer, I have been working as a Prospect Researcher for St. Joseph's Healthcare London as a summer student. The job's been great because I get to use a computer all day in my own office, heh.

I just bought a new laptop, an Acer Ferrari 3200, which is pretty cool, and should encourage me to take notes in class.. I'll post a review on this laptop soon.

In my spare time.. I help teach karate at a local non-profit karate club. I also enjoy playing basketball, music, cooking, and going to the beach with my g/f.

Well that's all I have time to write about right now.

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