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Submission + - Inside Newegg's east coast distribution center (extremetech.com)

MrSeb writes: "Did you know that Newegg is the second largest e-tailer in the US, after Amazon? Perhaps building your own computer isn't dead yet! ExtremeTech's Matthew Murray was recently invited to take a tour of the Newegg east coast distribution center, and the facts that he dug up — and the pictures he shot — make for perfect curiosity-sating, Friday afternoon surfing fodder for any American build-it-yourself computer geek."

Submission + - Judge Won't Lower $5M Bail For Jailed SF IT Admin (infoworld.com)

snydeq writes: "San Francisco County Judge Charles Haines has denied Terry Childs' motion to reduce his $5 million bail, alluding to 'public security concerns,' according to Richard Shikman, who is representing Childs in court. The ruling comes in the wake of a recent decision to drop three of the four changes that have been levied against Childs, who has spent the past 14 months in jail. The fourth charge — that Childs violated a California statute regarding illegal denial of service for the San Francisco FiberWAN — has been called into question by those closely monitoring the case. As a point of comparison, the San Francisco Felony Bail Schedule lists a $1 million bail for the most serious crimes, such as sexual assault of a child, aggravated arson, or kidnapping for ransom. Prosecutors have argued that the bail is appropriate because, if released, Childs could cause damage to San Francisco's network."

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