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Submission + - Shaw Canada to offer 1000Mbps (

KingPin27 writes: Shaw Canada announced just this past Friday (Feb 18th 2010) that they will be trialling Gigabit service via Fiber to the home coming April 2010. This is an exciting step for most Canadians who are familiar with the tragic speeds available for home internet use. For additional information you can check out this article

Submission + - Promising new Cell carrier for Canadians (

KingPin27 writes: Tho the news might not be new to some people the overall offerings of Wind Mobile might just be the breath of fresh air Canadians need. Wind mobile is an upstart Cell Phone carrier just coming into life on the East Coast. They are promising lower prices, no system access fees, and above average customer service. I for one an kind of excited for them, if they can deliver what they promise I would consider changing from my current provider in a heart-beat.

I wonder what experiences my fellow Slash-Dotters have in dealing with new cell phone carriers. The ideas themselves aren't new — what do you think about these promises and deliverables? Any chance these guys can make it in the market? Would you consider changing?

(BTW: I am not affiliated with this company in any way).


Submission + - Drive Safe -- don't text and drive (

KingPin27 writes: An article taken from The daily Mail references interesting public service safety video, published by "A low-budget Welsh road safety firm", which has strangely become a sort of internet phenomenon. The video itself has viewed over 6million on YouTube alone. It is the most graphic representation of the possible dangers of texting (or being distracted for that matter) while driving that I've ever seen.

Take a moment to read the article and view the video — perhaps it might change your mind on using your CrackBerry while cruising through traffic.

The Internet

Submission + - Irelands Main ISP under possible DNS attack (

KingPin27 writes: "According to several articles found on the web — most notably from

Users have EIRCOMs services have had a variety of problems from slow queries for websites, being redirected to advertising sites from known urls, and generally slow service.

EIRCOM officials released the following statement (from

(Issued Tue, 14th July 2009) Last night customers experienced significant congestion while browsing the web.

While it is too early to confirm, eircom believes that it is related to an unprecedented volume of traffic deliberately directed at our network, which has caused difficulties for customers over recent days.

Service has been restored to our customers since late last night. Our technical specialists have been and will continue to work around the clock to determine the source of the problem.

eircom has been in contact with other operators in the Irish market to collaborate and pool technical expertise in this area. We will keep our customers advised with regular updates.


The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Employee Rights

KingPin27 writes: A "friend of mine" recently had some issues at work. Before I relate the story please know that this is in Canada so particular labor laws may be different compared to the united states.
The issues involve a contract term of employment — His employer approached him one day about a week ago and said congratulations your contract has been extended for another X number of months; not even a week later his employer pulls him aside and states that this is no longer the case and that he could take the conversation as being basically the 2 weeks notice.
My question to the /. community is — Have any of you faced similar experiences? With this type of situation is there any recourse or is it a case of BOHICA?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Chinese Hackers Feud - Outage Insues (

KingPin27 writes: An article taken from Dark Reading states:

Four individuals have been arrested in China after an alleged denial-of-service "war" between underground gaming services spun out of control, according to news reports.

According to a report by Xinhua News Agency, China's Ministry of Public Security said Tuesday that the suspects were detained on May 29 following police investigations in the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangdong provinces. The suspects were not named, although the surnames of two — Xu and Wang — were released.

The ministry told the news agency that on May 19, the suspects allegedly launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the servers of DNSPod, a Chinese DNS provider and domain registrar.


Submission + - CCNA Test Preperation Anxiety

KingPin27 writes: So here I am; finally gearing up to put the polish on what Cisco wants me to know about networking.

As I'm sitting here sifting through the, literally, hundreds of books and softwares that are available for "Cisco Test Preparation" I can't help but wonder what some of the better tools might be for the Cisco under-educated. I'm not looking for a "Cisco for Dummies" book nor do I need a "Networking for Idiots" guide. What I am looking for is real world practical advice from /.'ers who have been there and done that and have found something that really helped them prepare solidly for the CCNA exam.

What are some of the resources that other /.'ers have used to help them with preparing with CCNA exam preperation?

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