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Comment Re: AT&T (Score 1) 151

It did say unlimited on AT&T. Infact up until last month when I finally switched off of unlimited, it was on every bill of mine as "Unlimited Data Plan". I switched because "Unlimited" meant I got 2GB of fast data then, everything after that was painfully slow (2G/Edge), and the 5GB plan was cheaper, and it did essentially the same thing. 5GB of LTE/4G, then I get throttled back to 2G/Edge.

Comment Re:How long until Google is reclassified as a DDoS (Score 1) 113

First, if your site can't handle a hit every couple of seconds, you need to throw it away. Second, there is this little file called robots.txt that you should read about. With it, you can tell the spider how quickly it should crawl your site, and what parts it should crawl. With a sitemap, you can even tell it how often each page is likely to change.

Comment Re:what about render bugs? (Score 1) 12

Well, the same can be pretty much said about both the webkit and gecko engines as well. I actually have more outstanding bugs in those engines than I do edge or IE, and they typically take a lot longer to get fixed than in IE/Edge. Sure, I might be an outlier, but that is my personal experience. I had one bug in firefox that has been outstanding for nearly 10 years, and every once in a while I see someone play with it, only to be kicked down the road further. webkit is pretty much the same, until years go by and then they get closed as wont-fix even though they all have short simple examples, and have been verified to be actual bugs.

And I'm not an anonymous coward. I call out the BS as I see it.

Comment Re:Possible (Score 1) 186

Actually, most spam doesn't come from broken Windows boxes any more and it hasn't been that way for a long time. Most spam comes from rooted linux servers these days. No spammer wants the old XP box running behind 128kbps DSL, they would much rather target the linux server sitting in a data center connected by multi-gigabit connections.

Comment Re:The big difference is... (Score 1) 75

Only because you are already entrenched into an environment that has been tailored for that type of set up. Imagine having a Xbox/PS with next to no storage capacity where all (your) games are loaded directly from the cloud. How about an "unlimited" DVR where your DVR stores everything in the cloud? Full system backups to the cloud? How about moving your entire CPU/GPU to the cloud where what is rendered is set to you for displaying locally much like Nvidia was attempting with their grid architecture. You'd never have to buy another game console or PC ever again except if/when something revolutionary happens, and even then it would be 1/5th the price.

In short, local storage becomes much less desirable if you can get virtually unlimited storage at nearly the same speed as you could locally. Consumers would never need to buy another hard drive for any device. You would only need a small amount of storage to use possibly as a cache, and you would be better served by using an appropriately sized SSD for such a task.

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