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Comment Re:sorry, won't byte (Score 2) 990

I grew up in the mid west, where winter temperatures frequently spend weeks in the below zero range - battery efficiency simply doesn't work well enough there... so cross off 1/3 of the country..

WHOA? I live in the mid west currently, and teslas are all over the place. They work just fine in the winter (albeit with slightly less range), but what's going from 320 mile range to 250 mile range when you are only drive ~40 miles?

Comment Re:But What About the Other 10% ???? (Score 1) 990

That is kind of silly. I can't haul lumber, nor would I take it on a dirt road for 60 miles at 4am either, and it's not an EV. If I want to haul lumber, I drive to the local Menards or Home Depot, and rent their truck for an hour for $10 to haul that stuff.

Of course, there aren't any 60 mile dirt roads anywhere remotely near me, so I guess I've never had to deal with that problem.

As for hauling kids, they do make SUV EVs you know.

Comment Re:Big Mac (Score 1) 367

Also, if they are grouping all the different model Iphones together, doesn't Toyota, Michael Jackson, etc get to group all of their similar products under one count as Apple got to?

Why yes, they should, oh wait, they did that already. They didn't list the 1997 and 1998 Toyota Camrys separately. They combined all the model years.


No. It uses a standard, well known encryption algorithm - specifically and as stated here so the encryption technique isn't security by obscurity. That took a total of 10 minutes to find out, and that isn't what was broken.

Comment Re:can't this hardware be translated to software? (Score 1) 55

I am going to assume that you are new to programming, because claiming that most software cannot benefit from parallel processing is hilariously false. It's just most programmers can't do it, or do it well that is the issue. Almost all software today can benefit from parallel processing, it's just a matter of how much, and if it is worth the expense of actually getting a programmer who can do it rather than throwing 10 code monkeys in a room to bang out barely functional code.

Comment Re:This is BS (Score 1) 440

In the US it is quite common to pass in the outside lane because they don't enforce the laws that require drivers in the inside lane to move out of it. So people constantly drive slow in the inner lanes oblivious to the fact that it is both illegal and creating dangerous driving scenarios around them. It is so common here in Chicago that I would say a good 30-35% of the time that I can travel faster in the outer most lane than the inner most lane no matter the time of day. Sad but true.

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