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Comment Re:AT&T -- pushing away their loyal customers (Score 2, Insightful) 58

I was on the grandfathered plan but when you realize that the "Unlimited" plan is really just a 2GB or 3GB plan (they've changed it a couple times), and then throttling down to EDGE speeds the other plans are just cheaper, since this is what their other plans do as well. And "free" unlimited texting (a $20 add-on to the grandfathered plan). And you can hotspot. And unlimited voice. And you can add additional phones for pretty cheap.

There really is no reason to hang on to those grandfathered plans unless you don't text (pretty much at all), or you expect some day the FCC will force AT&T to unthrottle the unlimited plans, and you never need to hotspot.

Comment Re:I'm sure there's a reason... (Score 1) 192

wolfcrow made a mistake in that blog, of which was pointed out a few times in the comments. A 50" TV seated 6' away @2k only has a dpi of ~38dpi, well shy of the 100dpi required. A 65" TV seated 6' away @4k still only has 67dpi. A 65" TV seated 6' way @8k has 135dpi, which based on his calculations done correctly, would be indistinguishable. Of course that still makes a number of assumptions, like you have average eye sight, and you are sitting 6' away from your TV, eye sight towards the center of the eye isn't more precise (which it is), and your eye can only resolve 0.4arc min, which on his complimentary blog article, two independent sources say 0.2 arc min. Article found here:

Comment Re:Subscription Slavery (Score 1) 218

Noone is forcing you to. Just plug in some old rabbit ears to the back of your TV, and get all the free TV you want. Of course, you'll miss out on the shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings, Orange is the new Black, Wentworth, etc that are exclusives, but you can always just subscribe to one service, watch what they have, then cancel and switch to another, rotating every few months. You'll get them all, eventually, if a year or two after they air.

Comment Re:Audio (Score 1) 114

I've seen the complaints before too, and I don't understand them either, but then again, maybe it's because I'm not buying the $5 bluetooth adapters or the $11 kmart bluetooth headphones.

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