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Comment Re:The way of the Dodo (Score 1) 222

A lot of theaters around here have changed. They aren't the old 90's movies theaters any more (yay!). They serve restaurant quality food, have the "dial-a-soda" machines so you can get your half cherry diet something half orange diet something if you want. The theaters have reclining sofa-ish leather chairs arranged in pairs. The food is brought to you in the theater, and you book your seat at the time you purchase your tickets.

This really solves most of my complaints about going to the local theater. No long lines -- EVER. Walk straight from the parking lot to my seat in the theater (ok, well, stop to order food, scan my phone/cc to get the tickets), then walk to theater. Comfy seats actually better than what I have at home (Yeah, I need to replace my sofa), and food that is quite good and neither me or my wife have to do the dishes afterwards. Now the only complaint is the price, but it's one I'm willing to pay for a good movie experience. The theaters are smaller, but the screen size hasn't shrunk by as much (the screens are practically wall to wall. I think the theater owners (AMC) have done a pretty good job of listening.

Comment Re:Generation Z leans to the political right. (Score 5, Interesting) 222

Not the original poster, but social justice warrior is someone who takes a look at something and defines it in terms of social injustice, almost always without looking at it very deeply, and feels the compulsion to fix that injustice no matter the cost.

For example:
A company has 5 entry level workers, we'll call them A,B,C,D,and E. A (male with 10 years experience, and the best worker) gets paid $15/hr, B and C (one male one female each with 8 years experience) $14 and hour, D (3 years experience) is paid $13 and hour, and E (15 years experience, but mentally retarded) is paid $10 an hour. The SJW boss comes in and "fixes" the social injustice (C was female and should be paid equal pay, D was discriminated by age or whatever the latest fad is, E should be paid just as much because they have the same job regardless of productivity) by taking the average $13.20. Feeling awesome at fixing this social injustice he goes and celebrates. 2 weeks later, employee A leaves the company because a competitor gave him a raise to $20 an hour as he was been grossly underpaid given his skills. A couple weeks after being overworked, employees B & C leave the company because they can't keep up with the workload now that A has left, and they can't perform at the level he was. The company is now left with one employee who is just out of college has no industry experience and continues to make mistakes that A, B, or C never would have. The company while trying to find replacements for A, B and C can't find any except new college graduates. Product quality suffers, quantity production is in the toilet, and a month later the company goes bankrupt. Employee D loaded with college debt, takes the first job he finds at $12 an hour, and Employee E is out of work, back on social programs, and lives the life as a hermit in their 10'x10' apartment.

SJW moves on to the next company, touting how awesome of a job he did at his previous employer right before they went out of business.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, that is what a SJW is -- looking for social injustices, finding them where they don't really exist, and fighting to get the fixed, no matter the cost or if they should be.

Comment Re:$700 GTFO (Score 1) 151

Me, but the card is hardly obsolete in a year or two. I'll upgrade my main machine's video card every 2-3 years, and then swap it's old card to my secondary machine (Development box and server), which then moves it's old video card to a third machine. Sometimes my secondary machine doesn't need the upgrade, in which case it goes up on eBay for $200-$400. Which then turns the purchase into either 3 upgrades every 2-3 years for $700, or $300-$500 every 2-3 years if I eBay the old card.

Why would you buy a console whose video card and CPU are obsolete a year before you even buy it?

Comment Re:profit (Score 1) 44

2. You do not need to "consult a lawyer" to know what is legal and illegal.

Really? You have every law ever written memorized and every prescident ever ruled on? And you did this without 4 years in law school and 10 more years researching? That is impressive. More likely you are just extremely naive.

How and what you do is more often than not legal or illegal depending on how it is applied and where. No way in hell could any programmer writing code ever do anything productive if we had to research the ramifications of every change we are told to make and try to apply it to every jurisdiction on the planet and then write a 100 page paper outlining all the ways in which such change could possibly be used for "evil".

But since I have you here, and you are such a law expert, which LAW exactly is it that you believe that Vizio broke by sending back telemetry on it's application usage? Just to make it simple, I'll let you assume the jurisdiction is the United States.

Comment Re:Web apps have become more dynamic (Score 1) 85

Sorry, I should have just said this at the start, but HTTPS encryption, not including the set-up handshake (which isn't insignificant), and using a modern cypher, like AES will eat up around 2.5 cores by itself if your data rate is ~1gb/s (and we would exceed that at peak hours). Considering the webserver we had was only a quad-core, that would have been 62.5% of the available CPU time just for HTTPS encryption, or tripling our server costs (and/or the added complexity of requiring converting to a web farm).

Comment Re:Web apps have become more dynamic (Score 1) 85

With more server-side processing for each page view, the fraction of server CPU time devoted to actually sending the resource to the PC has diminished.

Perhaps it's the sites that you've worked on, but there a vast number that does very little actual per-request dynamic server-side processing. That's pretty much the very first thing you do in creating a scalable website is isolate that from all the other content. Just as an example, the last major site I worked on, all content was cached, and the cache was only invalidated on actual changes, so it was fairly common for only 1 request out of ~1 million to really ever do any server side processing. It wasn't a small site either, at it's peak, it would have 10k concurrent users with pretty rich media assets, so tacking on https encryption overhead to that would have killed the server.

And yes, the site had javascript, and "single pixel" images as well. And it all ran off a single server (well, 1 web server), and it ran well that way.

Comment Re:HTTPS negotiation was never the "slow" part (Score 0, Troll) 85

Then you've never tried to have a server actually scale in the past. The HTTPS negotiation was slower than HTTP, but the actual encryption took valuable server compute resources, and would cause many servers to belly up long before they should. Servers have gotten faster, and the the methods used to do the encryption have gotten a lot better, but if you think it doesn't affect how much a server can scale then you'd be mistaken.

There are solutions today, but none are free, and most aren't "simple".

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