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Comment Fake news alert (Score 2) 73

Article is intentionally misleading. It's not outright false, but it's written so that a casual reader will think this happened:
Blackberry transfers employees to sham company.
Sham company (Blackberry) fires workers.

What happened is that
Blackberry transfers employees to Ford motor company of Canada.
Blackberry informs employees (after arranging the transfer) that the years of service do not transfer over, and they don't get any severance.

Still seems scummy, but not the same level of scummy.

Comment Re:give them green cards (Score 1) 271

Oh, it's very dishonest. H-1B lures in workers from other countries who want to immigrate. It's a "dual intent" visa. It's not a immigrant visa, but holders are allowed to pursue an immigrant visa. But of course, there's a backlog of EB-3 visas, and there are many more H-1Bs given out than EB-3s. So we allow US companies to dangle a piece of fruit in front of people to exploit their labor.

Comment Re:give them green cards (Score 1) 271

Immigrants statistically start a lot of businesses and therefore provide jobs. It's probably the risk-taking attitude that brought them into another country. H-1B holders aren't immigrants though. They are temporary workers. They can't start businesses, and therefore just take up jobs. H-1B exists purely to benefit corporations.

Comment Re:give them green cards (Score 1) 271

There are certain limits on the number of EB visas--something like 40000 per category. Also, there's a per country limit of 7% of the total visas. There's a big backlog of people trying to get in, especially from India, China, Mexico, Phillipines. If we get rid of H1Bs, we need to increase the caps on EBs. Or just get rid of the caps.

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