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Comment Read up on the FairTax (Score 1) 917

The FairTax eliminates the IRS and embedded taxes while providing a prebate for all necessities up to the poverty level. Lots of other positive aspects as well. The only downside? It's revenue-neutral, meaning it won't immediately shrink government or our collective tax burden.

Comment Windows 10 (Score 1) 376

My system was built to be a Hackintosh, but I could never get it to work because I missed step 1 in the process: have an existing Mac to make everything you need to install OSX on your Hackintosh.


Windows 10 was stable and fast but the harsh "flat" graphics of the UI ruin it for me. Why would a supposed cutting-edge OS not have cutting-edge visuals?

Comment Why did they make it so ugly? (Score 1) 375

Windows 8 was worse, but Vista and Windows 7 were beautiful. The Aero themes, the shaded window controls, etc. - Vista and 7 were pleasing to the eye. Windows 8 and 10 look like they were just focused on building an OS and planned to add a visual theme later. Or maybe they just liked Windows 3.x so much, they wanted to go back to a flat-looking theme. Either way, I would avoid Windows 10 just because it's ugly even if the data collection concerns didn't exist.

Comment I'm largely alright with this... (Score 1) 205

Especially in regards to car parts. Many of these Chinese manufacturers ship the same item with and without branding. Example: a snorkel for a Toyota 4x4. If it says SAFARI on the side and has been shipped from China to Australia, then to the US, it's $400. If it says nothing and ships from China to you, It's $125. Likewise, eBay is a great source for low-cost radiators, AC condensers, etc. Same low-grade junk the parts stores are selling at twice the price.

It's the free market at work. You can sell your product for whatever you like, but your price point must be competitive with a Chinese knock-off.

Is that so bad?

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