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Comment Who needs them anyway (Score 4, Insightful) 330

I stopped wearing a wristwatch 10+ years ago. It was annoying to wear while using a laptop.
There's clock on my phone, computer, car, radio, egg timer.. I don't see the point in carrying extra one on my wrist.
Smartwatches seem even more pointless to me, redundant and limited functionality and horrible battery life.

Comment Re:uh, what? (Score 1) 229

Netflix geolocates all the tunnel correctly to the start-point, NY=US, Stockholm=SE.
You have free choice of the start-point and you can even change it at will.
The problem is, users outside specific geo-area can change their location and get access to content they're not supposed to have.
Not limited to non-US users accessing US content, as US users can register UK start-point and get BBC content they shouldn't otherwise see.
Their geolocation cannot work around this and it becomes a business problem due to contract limitations with content providers.

Comment Re:Someone didn't do their research (Score 2, Interesting) 66

Nokia hasn't collapsed anywhere. They were stuck with nearly zero-profit obsolete business-line(mobile consumer devices) which was management heavy and managed to sell it before starting to lose too much money on it.
Remaining Nokia reported 1,2B € earnings last year with decent operating margin.

You might disagree how Flop handled the sell-out to MS but the overall result is what Nokia has been the last ~150 years, a company that can reinvent itself when necessary.

Comment Re:In small scale.. (Score 1) 87

No reason why the same form couldn't be used for when the user is leaving.
Gives nice ticked boxes which indicate each system where accounts need to be closed.
Passwords should expire automatically every 30-60 days regardless the user is leaving or not.
Rehires or department change? Just refill the form on another sheet to match the new position.

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