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Comment Re:Can't wait for the Git fad to die out. (Score 1) 28

Using SVN day in day out is far too slow with non-trivial repos.

(I hear git and hg can be slow too when used with very large repos. But, as I understood, this primarily is when first cloning a repo or during large fetches. In stark contrast with SVN, you don't end up with enough time to make coffee or walk your dog each time you commit.)

Comment Re:This is actually not difficult, just blame Trum (Score 1) 295

Didn't they change the definition of deportations during the Obama administration, so as to count random aliens that were caught crossing the border in addition to the usual ones that were detained before being sent back?

Not saying one way or another - or that doing so - is right or wrong, or that one had more merit than the other. Just pointing out that comparing Bush stats and Obama stats is apples to oranges. (Apples to apples has Bush Jr throwing out a tiny bit more aliens if memory serves.) $.02.

Comment Re:Easy to do with an iPhone (Score 1) 301

Unless you're engaged in some seriously illegal activity that you rather enjoy conducting on your smartphone, perhaps you should *really* sit and think about those charges before making such a statement. Gut feeling is a criminal record will impact you a hell of a lot more than your Facebook data being confiscated.

> If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.
> -- Richelieu

Comment Re:Less favorable lending rates? (Score 1) 491

At the same time, there never has been a time where housing was so overpriced either. Granted, prices dropped in the past decade after the bubble popped, but they're still way above their historical mean in terms of house price vs household income.

We're still in bubble territory, except perhaps in places like Detroit. Where I live it's something like 10x+ household income, which is nothing short of nuts. (Historical mean is 3-4x). If you're taking a 100 mortgage for something worth 50 in the long term, possibly 25 at the low, and you end up stuck with the tab when the market will come down crashing. Low interest or not, it's a super pricy loan.

Comment Re:Monocultures are bad (Score 2) 139

Then again, why should anyone waste their time reading "news" written by crack pots in the name of, what again?

Personally speaking I've little interest in reading the sewers that your father is reading (no offense) in the name of trying to comprehend their worldview, beyond an article here and there to get a feel of how below the belt they stand.

IMO the real issue is the American (and increasingly European) belief that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which is all too often understood as meaning that everyone is entitled their own facts, and which purportedly suggest that all opinions (and facts) have merit. They don't.

In their willingness to avoid confrontation that might hurt another's feeling, or their decision that life's too short for jerks, Americans end up behaving like a toothless, neutered herd. Shrugging instead of calling out crap when you see crap is fine for inane topics at the end of the day. It's not for topics that affect you.

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