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Comment Oh please... (Score 4, Interesting) 98

. As great as this is for consumers, it's even better for the likes of TripAdvisor and Yelp, whose business model relies on people being able to speak their minds.

Yelp is a glorified e-racketeer that collects extortion fees from small businesses the world over. Please spare me the "people being ale to speak their minds" BS.

Comment Re:IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2 (Score 4, Interesting) 239

Eventually he got inmpeached and the new Gov discovered that free rides were not sustainable. So they means tested it.

Dunno how they discovered it wasn't, but FWIW it might be an unfortunate (mis-)find.

Public transportation where I live is free for seniors. Trains, metros, busses, boats, etc., in all cities and between all cities. Everything except airplanes. It surprised me somewhat when I came here for the first time, and it certainly surprised my parents when they first came (since as EU seniors they didn't need to pay either), but apparently this has been going on since the communist era.

There arguably is a cost. Perhaps one can shrug it off as in "meh, the bus is scheduled anyway. The only point in time where it might be problematic is during rush hours when you need to field a few more busses." Or perhaps not.

Either way, the positive side effects are observable when you care to look: seniors tend to visit their children and grand children across the country instead of it being the other way around like where I'm from - and more often, at that. You see seniors everywhere, and the contrast in their behavior is palpable when I compare this with the other two dozen or so countries I've lived in. When they do go out they can afford to go to cafes and restaurants, give some money to their kids and grand kids, etc. Plus nanny savings that allow single moms to work more than part-time where applicable.

I've no idea if the net economic balance is positive, but when you factor in the quality of life side effects across generations it certainly seems worth doing.

Submission + - Python 3 is Coming to Scrapy (scrapinghub.com)

Valdir Stumm Junior writes: Scrapy with beta Python 3 support is finally here! Released through Scrapy 1.1.0rc1, this is the result of several months of hard work on the part of the Scrapy community and Scrapinghub engineers.

This is a huge milestone for all you Scrapy users (and those who haven’t used Scrapy due to the lack of Python 3). Scrapy veterans and new adopters will soon be able to move their entire stack to Python 3 once the release becomes stable. Keep in mind that since this a release candidate, it is not ready to be used in production.

Comment Re:Taxation too. (Score 2) 266

You're not going to lure top talent to your country to try and make a billion dollar business when you promise to tax most of their income at 75%..

If memory serves, that was the tax rate for income beyond the first million euros. Do you personally know *anyone* who makes even close to that? The explicit target were the clique of fatcat CEOs who sit in each others' boardrooms and vote their respective salaries up.

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