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Comment But not really (Score 1) 96

Blizzard has released a powerful new suite of tools for Starcraft 2 modders and developers that fundamentally change the nature of what's possible in the popular RTS game.

A powerful new suite of tools -- which were developed years ago and withheld for no apparent reason -- that fundamentally change... nothing.
What's possible with art assets is probably improved over the art tools the community has already developed for itself, if you have 3ds Max 2011, which is no longer for sale.

It's hard to imagine how this could have even the barest hint of an effect on the custom maps scene.

Comment Re:Am I missing something? (Score 2) 61

The 30 dollar RC helicopters at Wal*Mart already have a plastic cage around them so they hit walls and such without snapping the rotors off.
This doesn't seem all that different to me, aside from an outer cage on bearings. So what's the big deal?

A fixed cage can protect from damage, but does little to prevent crashes, since collisions will still affect the orientation of the rotor.

I saw nothing in the videos leading me to believe these weren't rc controlled. You can even see a the small orange 4 channel receiver on the supposed bot.
Why does an autonomous robot need a 4 channel receiver, unless it's being flown by a pilot?

How they're controlled isn't relevant. The point is that collisions don't interrupt their flight.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 3, Interesting) 341

How are drones supposed to fight forest fires? With missiles? They sure can't carry enough retardant aloft to even put out a sizable bonfire.

Sure they can. There's no reason a drone couldn't carry as much as any manned aircraft.
The RQ-4 is designed for high altitude and long endurance, rather than heavy payload, but even so it can carry 3000 lbs, which is comparable to existing light firefighting aircraft:

Its surveillance capabilities have already been used to assist firefighters:

Comment Image quality (Score 3, Informative) 79

Comment Re:The real tragedy here... (Score 1) 743

Carrying an ID is normal and acceptable. Pretty much everyone, everywhere, already carries one or more ID, such as a driver's license, with them on a routine basis.

The school wants its students to carry their IDs, and the students complied. So what? There is no tragedy or controversy there.

TFA is ridiculous. Especially the video. It sounds like something from The Onion.

Although we have all been conditioned to accept that technology will be spying on us all the time in this police state control grid we now find ourselves living in...

Are you fucking kidding me?

No, the tragedy is that these backwards morons don't even understand what they're talking about in the first place.

I think that until we have a health impact study that determines that it is safe for our children, we should not be subjecting them to experimental technology.

"Down with the magical RFID chips! Evil wizard summoned them from hell!", they seem to say.

Comment Re:I'm still not coinvinced... (Score 4, Insightful) 174

After all, it's Nintendo--a company that simply refuses to let go of its, "Super Mario plus other cartoony games," forumula. Why would any other software shop take their platform seriously when Nintendo itself does not.

They're not going to just let go of Mario. That's the best selling video game franchise in the world.

Hundreds of millions of sales sounds pretty serious to me.

Comment Re:plz not pedantics (Score 1) 475

"but they could achieve this simply by **getting up earlier**."

not everyone has the kind of lifestyle that allows that flexibility...**most** working people and virtually **all** students do NOT have that kind of lifestyle...
daylight savings time is for those people who don't want to get up earlier...the vast majority of people in the US

Nonsense. Shifting a clock forward is the same as shifting a schedule backwards. Getting up earlier is exactly what people already do under DST.

Comment Re:Old news (Score 3, Informative) 147

This isn't exactly a new finding. Typographers have known this for over a century, if not multiple centuries. Why do you think newspapers are printed in seriffed typefaces?

This research deals with the shapes, proportions, and spacing of characters in square grotesque and humanist typefaces. It doesn't have anything to do with serifs.

Comment Re:Morons (Score 1) 288

We haven't the foggiest idea whether anyone other than ourselves is capable of suffering. At best we can say that they appear to understand suffering. With animals, we can only say they appear to suffer. The reason is that we don't have a fundamental understanding of consciousness and perception. Until we do, we can only make an educated guess as to the capacity for others to experience suffering.

Because we lack this understanding, we cannot be certain that our own creations lack consciousness. So we must again judge based on the appearance of suffering.

Ergo, any robot which appears to suffer must have at least the same rights as an animal.

Grating rights to robots based on the appearance of suffering is ridiculous.

Harming an animal may cause it to suffer, but harming a robot only causes it to do whatever it was programmed to do in the event it was harmed. Whether or not that involves the robot appearing to suffer is just a decision made by its designers. A robot can be made to appear to suffer, or to appear to not suffer, independently of its actual function.

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