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Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 952

He hasn't. But then, like most people, I'm not an American.

Nice dodge.

Mmm yes. You got me. I deliberately chose not to be an American so that when this conversation happened, I could humiliate you for your stupid assumptions. You caught me.

But do tell me how Trump is limiting the freedom of speech for Americans.

May learn to use google?

That was your argument after all. Now back it up.

You need to learn to moderate your tone.

Comment Re:Isn't this just virtue signaling at this point? (Score 1) 237

You seem to be having trouble understanding there's no way attribution can be assigned given the extent of natural variation. That is why so many climate scientists have spent so many tax-payers $ trying to erase that natural variation by fucking about with the statistics.

Well if some random dude on the internet says it, it must be true, no evidence required.

Just a couple of follow up questions:

1. Variation in which natural forcing, exactly?

2. CIte observational evidence that proves this variation

3. Explain, and cite evidence to prove your assertion that atmospheric CO2 has no effect on climate, and explain the 150 years of observational evidence to the contrary.

4. What is the cycle and expected peak of this natural variation - or is the variation unpredictable i.e. you are saying we are going to burn up and die? When will we die?

Comment Re:Isn't this just virtue signaling at this point? (Score 1) 237

You seem to be stuck in some sort of weird autonomic state which prevents you from addressing the topic at hand.

1. Are we responsible for your ignorance? Should we care about your ignorance?

Assuming the normal consensu applies (i.e. no on both) then wouldn't the natural course of action be for you to go away and research the difference between variation by natural causes and variation from anthropogenic causes?

Comment Re:Isn't this just virtue signaling at this point? (Score 2) 237

Shame you had nothing to say about the graphs.

Nobody said anything of any significance about any graphs.

Why don't you go to realclimate or "skepticalscience" to find some info on them, notable not for what they say but what they do not say.

Info you apparently don't know yourself, since you asked us some fairly basic questions e.g.

What does a "normal global average" mean


What is normal and what is natural variation?

Sounds like you don't even understand the basics of the topic you are posting on. Are we somehow responsible for your ignorance? Should we care about your ignorance?

Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 952

He is not blowing those things up. Bush and Obama did most of the destruction

And yet having lived through the Bush/Cheney regime you deliberately elected another would be dictator knowing full well who he is and what he is like. I think you like tyranny.

You should be ashamed of your inability to reason.

You elected Trump. Some measure of humility on your part is in order when talking to the people who didn't, given shortly you will need to ask us to help you get rid of him.

Comment Re: Meh (Score 5, Insightful) 952

As for Trump, I'm not sure what to make of him. I think his actions are boneheaded because they're going to create international retaliation against US IT firms, thus likely harming the domestic tech sector

Also, he is blowing up the very foundational concepts of the country that happen to be the things that made America powerful and great (like freedom of movement, freedom of speech, immigration etc) - he is fundamentally anti-American.

Comment Re:Trump's not gonna be happy... (Score 2) 114

Enlightened moral philosophy you have there.

Post enlightenment I should think. Whereas Trump's supporters have a worldview similiar to Mugabe's Zanu PF, or the Hutu militia. Doesn't matter who dies, or what lies we have to believe, as long as we can find some way to GET the other tribe for their imagined ills, everything it is the fault of other tribes and nations, we ourselves are oppressed and nothing we do is wrong etc etc.

I presume you also think that witches float?

No. But if a A guy says "hey, I molested these women" and then later the women say "yep, he molested me" before being silenced by the formers lawyers, I tend to think that people who come along and say the story is not true *with no evidence to back their assertions* are probably talking out of their arses, particularly when they have demonstrated the sort of undying loyalty that trump's supporters do to his moronic, venal, paranoid delusional ravings, as we've seen here.

Comment Re:Trump's not gonna be happy... (Score 3, Insightful) 114

We specifically elected the least sexual predatory person between the two. Hillary is a straight up rapist enabler.

Number of people Hillary has raped:0. Number of people Donald has raped: probably more than 1. Number of people Donald has molested, by his own admission: many.

Trump maybe did a few less than savory things, but I don't see compelling evidence that he committed rape.

So essentially, your evidence that he is not a molester/rapist is that you personally can't believe it. Well, that's powerful testimony indeed.

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