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Comment Re: yes, the level of testing / stability (Score 1) 30

Sure, maybe Fortinet has market share in the "internet backbone" business, of you consider firewalls to be the backbone of the internet.

However, most people consider routers to be the backbone of the internet, and in that segment the players are (in approximate order of market share) Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, Huawei, Extreme Networks (and then the other 4).

High-end firewalls can handle about 100Gbps peak, fully-specced core routers can route in region of 10Tbps (depending on which vendor) or more.

Comment Re: This is the same guy (Score 1) 385

Left out the link for the August EP-650s:

Regarding availability of earphones with aptX support, most mainstream Android phone makers (Samsung, Sony, LG etc.) and the high-end audio brands (e.g. Sennheiser, Yamaha) have at least one pair listed, but a lot of the other bluetooth headset brands (Jabra, Skullcandy etc.) don't seem to have any listed on the AptX site.

Lots of Bluetooth soeakers and portable bluetooth speakers to choose from though.

Comment Re: This is the same guy (Score 1) 385

And AptX is available on at least the Samsung Galaxy S3 and newer (, but still not on any Apple devices.

Works nicely withy S6 and the August EP-650 bluetooth headphones (which I also use on my linux desktop and was painless to use).

Comment Re: Linux is far worse than Microsoft (Score 1) 541

In our service-provider environment, about 1/3rd of all our services have been migrated to RHEL7 (about 120 VMs) so far. I haven't had a single problem with systemd.

I am actually requiring specific motivation from any team wanting to run RHEL6, because system means 1)less divergence from upstream, 2)portability between distros

Any decent config managrment system should be able to handle systemd vs sysvinit (ansible does). But then sysvinit scripts will work just fine on RHEL7 with the same commands.

Comment Re: How are they doing this? (Score 1) 57

And if they are trying some form of packet inspection, good luck doing that on an encrypted HTTPS YouTube stream.

The 3 leading DPI platforms currently have no problem identifying Youtube over HTTPS. I think most of them use the certificate exchange to do so at present. Encrypted certificate exchange which is being considered as an enhancement to HTTP2 may prevent this.

Comment Re: Tricks victims into reauthenticating (Score 2) 32

ISPs don't use proxies for that.

The two most common ways to track usage (in DSL/fibre networks, I am not that familiar with cabke) are:
- RADIUS accounting from the BNG where the PPP (e.g. PPPoE) session terminates
- From a DPI-basen in-line system (3GPP terminology is 'PCEF'). This can also typically be used from enabling transparent caching (but that can also be done with e.g. WCCP on a router in-linr IIRC, but DPI can make better decisions on what traffic to send to caches).

But, typically there isn't authentication involved with accessing transparent caches ...

Comment Re: Patch already available (I think...) (Score 2) 39

All the different distributions of Linux combined with no user friendly way of keeping the latest patches installed is just asking to be trouble.

All the distros I have used have had both n00b-friendly and cli-autobatible options for installing updates for more than a decade. E.g. red icon pops up in systray, click it to see what updates are available, deselect some if you need to defer restarting something, click the update button. and carry on with what you were doing. If a kernel or very common lubrary update was installed, you're informed at the end that you should reboot and you are asked if you want to reboot or do it yourself later.

I don't know how it could be any more user friendly.

Comment Re: Why use VMWare? (Score 2) 162

Well try running a whole enterprise with clustering, eSAN storage, virtual switching, failovers, cloud integration for backups, expiring VM's, auditing for infosec, ability to move the VM's anywhere, and command line tools to automate tens of thousands of virtual servers all on virtualbox and let me see how far you get?

Why would I do that when i could just use ovirt, or the commercially supported version that is faster and significantly cheaper with 90% feature parity to vSphere Enterprise Plus, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation (RHEV)?

Comment Re: Que the consultant guy... (Score 1) 162

Furthermore, after reviewing this GPL our lawyers advised us that any products compiled with GPL'ed tools - such as gcc - would also have to its source code released.

Why hasn't anyone sued Oracle then? Oh right, this is obviously false and you are trolling.

Although we had planned for no one outside of this company to ever use, let alone see the source code, we were now put in a difficult position.

Yes, that of explaining how you paid lawyers who don't understand the word 'distribute'.

Comment Re: Verdict sound legitimate (Score 5, Interesting) 162

Also IIRC there is some layer allows it to use open source drivers for hardware. ...

Anyways I'm still not clear on what he thinks they did wrong. AFAIK VMware hasn't done anything that's not above board here.

Really, you missed the part where they copied GPL drivers into a proprietary kernel? How would that not be wrong?

As far as I know, VMWare has admitted to copying Linux drivers, but they claimed that their kernel "wrapped" the Linux kernel in such a way as to not infringe. This claim alone should be sufficient for discovery.

(Apologies in advance for any formattung issues, still no preview on the mobile interface.)

Comment Re: Shouldn't have upgraded to W10 ! (Score 1) 239

(which should not happen as you should have backup generators and batteries that give power until the generators are spun up)

We have had outages due to power problems, during planned maintenance on the UPS system (which was to allow future UPS maintenance to be done without impact by introducing live switching of UPS between feeds). There was an outage to some systems because they had been upgraded (e.g routers with line cards added) to the point where one PDU could not supply sufficient power even though total power was less than "guaranteed"). To avoid a recurrence, power supplies were moved to other PDUs.

So, yes, while power failures shouldn't have impact, even in environments with supposedly robust frameworks (e.g. ITIL), mistakes happen or the impact of a change is not fully identified/understood (possibly due to the complexity of modelling the environment down to which of 8 power supplies on a device are connected to which of 4 PDUs in a cabinet which has 2 different feeds of the 6 feeds available in one DC in a campus with 3 DCs etc. etc.), resulting in unexpected failure modes.

(Apologies in advance, still no preview on the "mobile" interface).

Comment Re: Backup data center? (Score 1) 239

And companies that need their websites to make money?

For some I know of, the IT staff have done everything in their power (identified risks, probability of the risk, impact in the event, possible mitigations, cost and time to implement mitigations etc.). "Business" (aka bean-counters) have decided that they accept the risk of the current status (business continuity plan takes more than a business week to restore basic services in the event of a complete failure in the primary site).

You are making things up completely, my employer and all of our competitors have multiple levels of redundancy (multiple datacenters, multiple availability zones per datacenter). If I want to deploy a little REST api our policies and systems enforce 9 total VM's, 3 per AZ and 3 total AZ's. Our competitors are at least as serious about uptime as we are.

And this is the cheapest possible service to provide redundancy for. When you have a few hundred TB of data changing at a rate of 100GB/day, this kind of solution (put it all in the "cloud", just in case, without a full BCM plan covering issues such as "where will the call centre work from and will they be able to accept calls") will get very expensive very quickly, and normally can't be approved by someone lower than CFO+CIO.

(Sorry if there are formatting issues, mobile still doesn't have preview ...)

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