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Comment Re: And yet it's not Amazon that creeps out Oracle (Score 1) 81

Why would you use spanner? It has proprietary APIs (ok, yes you can run a SELECT, but only using their database drivers if available for the language/framework you use, but not INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE etc.), isn't faster than Aurora (, and is more expensive for the same performance.

These days, Google seems to be spending more effort on PR than engineering ...

Comment Network transparency: use Xwayland (Score 1) 227

This problem was resolved 3 years ago, run Xwayland, an X server for Wayland.

You assume that because the Wayland protocol isn't concerned with networl transparency that Wayland developers don't understand your use case. They do, they just don't think the network interfaces belong in the same binary as access to the display drivers.

Comment Re: Pull requests (Score 1) 313

New to Github Enterprise?

Gitlab Community Edition has had this for about 18 months. Pull/merge requests can run automated builds including running tests, the results of which can be seen in the merge review screen. It can also be configured to auto-merge based on testing criteria (coverage, test results etc.).

Comment Re: Doesn't sound like most of the ones I know (Score 2) 149

"I'd say that the majority of IT is no more knowledgeable about infosec than the average developer and even frequently less knowledgeable."

Like some developers I have worked with in the past, who insist that the application user must have write access to the Java keystore? Why? Because they wrote code to import the SSL cert of any host they connect to as a trusted cert to the keystore, because they couldn't figure out how to import the CA cert with keytool (but found random java code on stackexchange that "worked" because it also disabled all certificate validation)?

Comment Re: DIY? No, more like DOA (Score 1) 156

I'd love to be able to use Kodi for all of my media viewing - ideally including live TV as well. If Kodi had a Netflix plugin, we'd use Kodi in place of the crappy Netflix player built into the TV.

There is flix4kodi (sourcewhich launches Chrome in full-screen, and worked for me about a year ago. But then of course you'll probably need a mouse and/or keyboard (which I don't need otherwise) to navigate inside the browser window instead of using a remote or the Kore smartphone app, and Chrome on Linux was still limited on 720p last time I tried. And since Netflix didn't really have anything I wanted to watch at the time, I haven't used it recently.

If they had an Amazon Video plugin, we'd ditch the Amazon FireTV box too. If there was a decent way to hook up a MythTV server and Kodi, then we could ditch the satellite box too. We'd be down to a couple of raspberry pis to do the lot. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Yep, I really wouldn't mind paying for Prime Video to watch The Grand Tour, but I'm not going to watch anywhere but on my TV, and the only thing connected to it is Kodi on Linux. If Prime Video worked well on Kodi on Linux, I would definitely trial it ...

I thought the PVR branch was merged into recent versions of Kodi, and I thought it supported two backends, one of which was Myth?

Comment Re: DIY? No, more like DOA (Score 1) 156

Yes, I too fear that the PHBs won't understand that they need to make their products at least as accessible as the "free" competition, but it does seem the Kodi team is trying to convince them.

One would have hoped that the success of accessible audio streaming might have convinced them that making video streaming more accessible would result in more money from happier customers ...

Comment Re: DIY? No, more like DOA (Score 1) 156

"Kodi's intended purpose is playing user's (local or networked) video files on their living room TV.
If DRM is added this will become impossible."

So all those smart TVs that play Netflix at 1080p and support playing almost any video over DLNA don't exist?

Read the article, they don't want to remove any features, they just want to add the possibility of legitimate strwaming options, which require DRM.

Many of their users would like that (including me), and everyone else should be unaffected.

Comment Re: DIY? No, more like DOA (Score 4, Informative) 156

"Supporting DRM means that the software is no longer open source nor is it for the users but for the corporations."

Firefox now supports DRM, did I miss the announent that it is no longer open source?

Read the article, they don't want to *prevent* these plugins, they just want more legitimate streaming options to be available.

Like many of their users (including me).

Comment Re: DIY? No, more like DOA (Score 1) 156

You didn't read the article, did you.

They don't want to remove anything, just add options for users to stream content legally:

"âoeOur view on this is that [removing code] would not help a bit, because the code is open-source and others can easily revert it. Blocking add-ons wonâ(TM)t help since they would instantly change the addon and the block would be in vain,â Kaijser tells us.

The Kodi team feels that pirates are leeching off their infrastructure and put the entire community at risk. But, instead of taking a repressive approach they would like to see more legal content providers join their platform."

Comment Re:Umm No (Score 2) 374

Canonical didn't suddenly do anything, they assessed the state and progress of Wayland and decided that if they wanted something done they had to do so themselves. Maybe that assessment was wrong.

Mir was announced in March 2013 (

In November 2013, Jolla shipped it's first hardware, running Wayland.

Three is no question that the assessment is wrong, there was no question in March 2013 that the assessment was wrong, and within 8 months there was proof, yet Ubuntu wasted the next 3+ years investing in Mir when they could instead have helped get Wayland onto desktops sooner.

Comment Re: Lack of vacation is the big problem (Score 1) 262

"So you want to take our rights to negotiate pay?"

No, you can negotiate. The employer just shouldn't make an offer on the assumption ypu won't take leave that is guaranteed to you in labour legislation.

  "We pay about 15% more than average with the expectation that you will be dependable rather than lazy and/or unavailable."

I am dependable, productive and available during office hours or any time on an on-call rotation, except when I take my planned leave.

At 15%, your employer is really over-paying, and probably actually getting less productivity than if employees took their full leave.

"Not being able to take time off is a trade-off I'm willing to make for what I'm paid. You are demanding laws that take our rights."

Alternatively, it's protecting people like me from being abused by people like you who seem to not care about anything but work and money, and who believe that anyone who doesn't work more than 3200 hours a year is "lazy".

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