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Comment Re:SteamBox (Score 1) 162

Spot on.

On the other hand, I'd be glad to buy it from Windows Store, if they would allow to get normal games, and not do one major f*ck up with "only on win 10" and "only this kind of apps".

I don't like Valve's dominant market position (70%+ of the market?) at all. 30% off every sale doesn't seem adequate either.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 2) 1592

It's not even about that Norway is filled with oil and gas and what not (e.g. hydroreources that allow them to generate 140% of their need from renewables at the moment) and Switzerland has insane banking sector.

It's about the role UK had in EU.

From now on there will be no serious player within EU who would try to stop further federalization.
Influence of UK over EU and the whole world will fade.
Even more so, if Northern Ireland/Scotland will leave.

Comment Maybe you should RTFA? (Score 4, Informative) 133

It's not "sites like reddit" claiming it.
It started with techpowerup article, mentioning exactly what was wrong: cards running at higher frequencies than normal retail versions: Here is it:

MSI and ASUS have been sending us review samples for their graphics cards with higher clock speeds out of the box, than what consumers get out of the box. The cards TechPowerUp has been receiving run at a higher software-defined clock speed profile than what consumers get out of the box. Consumers have access to the higher clock speed profile, too, but only if they install a custom app by the companies, and enable that profile. This, we feel, is not 100% representative of retail cards, and is questionable tactics by the two companies. This BIOS tweaking could also open the door to more elaborate changes like a quieter fan profile or different power management.


Comment A warning from 1S owner, for those after HR (Score 1) 72

If you are looking for this device to measure heart rate, you'd likely be disappointed.
It can't measure your HR while you are exercising.
What it can (at least in case of 1S) is measure it once, when you apply pressure as instructed... and even then I was getting rather wildly fluctuating results.

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