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Comment Sony had MP3 Walkman's for quite a while (Score 1) 99

They don't cost much, have great battery life and, oh my goodness, getting music on them is as simply as copying files to a USB stick.

Oh, I guess I got the "not practical" part. It's soo not practical to NOT have to install piece of crap like iTunes to do basic operations with your music player.

Comment 0.005% in 2014, dear God... (Score 1) 212

Let's not forget that it is being part of EU's economic zone that made Ireland an interesting place to invest in the first place.

"The standard rate of Irish corporate tax is 12.5%. The Commissions's investigation concluded that Apple had effectively paid 1% tax on its European profits in 2003 and about 0.005% in 2014."

0.005%, are you fucking kidding me?

Comment Re:The RX470 makes me want to try AMD again (Score 1) 42

Those are just buzzwords, part of the known FUD campaign, not facts.
AMD drivers were better than nVidia's for the last 2 years or so at the very least.
AMD's GPUs took over much more expensive competitors from the past (290x vs 780Ti) in most titles, nVidia's simply age terribly.

nVidia does hold the upper hand as far as perf/watt goes, that's true, but it doesn't change anything in 480/470/460 tier (and 470/460 will likely have better perf/w than 480) as difference is pretty negigable, about 40 watts or below.

We'll see how it goes on higher tiers, once Vega chips arrive.

Comment Re:SteamBox (Score 1) 162

Spot on.

On the other hand, I'd be glad to buy it from Windows Store, if they would allow to get normal games, and not do one major f*ck up with "only on win 10" and "only this kind of apps".

I don't like Valve's dominant market position (70%+ of the market?) at all. 30% off every sale doesn't seem adequate either.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 2) 1592

It's not even about that Norway is filled with oil and gas and what not (e.g. hydroreources that allow them to generate 140% of their need from renewables at the moment) and Switzerland has insane banking sector.

It's about the role UK had in EU.

From now on there will be no serious player within EU who would try to stop further federalization.
Influence of UK over EU and the whole world will fade.
Even more so, if Northern Ireland/Scotland will leave.

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