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Comment Re:AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Linux Benchmarks (Score 1) 175

Remember how we got to 64 bit CPUs?
AMD did AMD64 thing.
Microsoft said "no way I'd support to 64 bit versions" and Intel went with x86-64.

Now, x86-64 and AMD64 were nearly the same, but there still were differences in certain commands, of interest only to operating systems.

Another reason for OS to know exact version of CPU is scheduling tasks effectively. E.g. Ryzen 8 cores are internally 4+4 cores, each 4 with their own L3. Taking that into account can increase performance quite a bit.

At the end of the day, it's no big deal to add support for new CPUs, surely, but Microsoft has decided to use the opportunity and push Win 10 like that.
Neither Ryzen nor Kaby Lake CPU get official support from Microsoft.

But Windows 7 still boots, to my knowledge:

Comment Re:Missing the point (as usual) (Score 1) 1001

Hell, no.
I don't want crappy error prone, terribly formatted code "that gets job done".
I don't want to do overtime to find bugs in that shit (because the genius that wrote the crap fails to fix shit within a week) either.

Ages ago, researchers like Richard Brooks discovered that even within experienced teams, productivity might vary by an order of magnitude.
Things haven't changed since.

Comment If you actively program in python (Score 1) 1001

You will know how to check string length.

That some dude at Google with 30 years of experience, who is likely not coding much, let alone in Python, doesn't know how that works, tells nothing. (oh, I don't know how either, but I'm pythoning only to fix a thing or two in my enigma2 sat receiver)

This whole thing sounds like someone fails to get people in on merit and wants to somehow justify using "other ways".

Comment This card is basically their former 1199$ card (Score 1) 151

This card is basically their former 1199$ card with minor differences.

Chip size is the same (471mm^2)
Shader cound is the same.
Memory bus is a bit smaller, so you end up with weirdo 11Gb vs 12Gb on original card.
Memory speed is a bit faster.

Claimed performance essentially is "faster than Titan".

It is both faster than expected and cheaper than expected (it costs as older and significantly slower 314mm^2 1080 at launch)

My bet they are trying to steal AMD Vega thunder (expected in Q2, possibly in May), which also is about 500mm^2 monster chip with superior memory (HBM2).

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 917

No, the problem for Clinton was that he lied in court about his relationships with Monica Lewinski.

He got away with it claiming that brief sexual encounter he had with her was not "sexual relationship".

Adultery as such, was none of congress's business, it's solely Mrs Clinton's area.

Comment Re:Naked is normal?! (Score 1) 259

Well, in Germany, for instance, it is normal to be naked in sauna (in fact, not being naked is not normal) and most saunas are mixed most of the time (some have "women days" some have a couple of "women only" rooms).

Might have something to do with FKK:

It feels awkward in the beginning, but you quickly get used to it.

Seeing topless women on a usual beach filled with Europeans isn't particularly unusual either.

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