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So what do you think happens when we start trade wars? The price of everything goes up we import causing us to pay more and the price of everything we export goes up making it harder to compete. Why is it good to artificially inflate the wage of the "working class" via tariffs and import restrictions but not good to increase the minimum wage?

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But who is ultimately responsible? If you're under 24, it's pretty hard to get over your head in student loan debt without having a parent to co-sign.

We set the expectations with both of our children that we would not co-sign a loan for them at all for the first two years, and that the first two years was their responsibility.

That means they would have to either get a scholarship - my state offers free tuition for any state college if you meet the requirements -- or get loans in their own name up to the limit of what they could get for themselves (around $6000/year). They could stay at home and we would provide a car for them.

After the first two years and if they kept a 3.0, we would pay to make up the difference in cost to go to a public college in state and pay room and board if they wanted to go off to school. If they lost their scholarship, they would have to go to a school that they could commute to from home.

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It's not the corporations fault that students and their parents are taking out outrageous loans to go to expensive schools to get degrees in markets that aren't in demand. Most of these students could stay at home, go to a two year college much cheaper and transfer to an in state public college and not have huge student loan debt.

I went to an unknown state college, stayed at home and within three years I was making just as much as people going to expensive private colleges.

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Trump is trying to get funded by the same people and organizations as every other republican.

It is amazing that the same "working class" that who during the Reagan years were so eager to tell poor people to "pick themselves up by their bootstraps, and stop blaming the government for all their problems" are now complaining about the government and not being able to get ahead.

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