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Comment Re:Why use untrusted wi-fi? (Score 4, Informative) 51

As of this week, all of the four major carriers are offering unlimited data that is not "deprioritized"* until you go over 22GB - 28GB.

When we were living in an apartment where wifi interference was horrible. We typically just turned off wifi and used cellular from our phones. (We also had 100 foot cords running to all three bedrooms from the router but that's a different story....)

I pay $200 on T-Mobile for 5 lines unlimited data with 14GB of tethering on each line.

Depriorotized -- your data is slowed down temporarily in congested areas to allow others to go at full speed when you go over the cap.

Throttled -- your speed is slowed down permanently to 2G speeds for the rest of the billing cycle when you go over the cap.

Comment Fastest? (Score 5, Informative) 34

Even if you are one of the "lucky" few to have Comcast Gigabit internet, you still have a limit of 35Mbps upload. That's nothing compared to the 400Mbps/400Mbps I get with the bog standard AT&T 802.11ac router that comes with their Gigabit internet. Wired I routinely get 900/900.

AT&T's advertised rate is $70. The amount I pay every month is $70. No additional fees.

Comment Re:Queue the headphone jack comments (Score 1) 131

Wrong again. Apple is not #5

In total sells its number #2.

And do you really think that every phone that Samsung sells including the cheap $50 phones uses gorilla glass?

Making a car is not "harder" they don't have to do it mass quantities and they can devote man hours and thousands of dollars to each car. Doing something repeatable and at scale is harder.

Comment Re:Queue the headphone jack comments (Score 1) 131

So gorilla gas being around since the 60's negates that under Cook's supply chain management improvements that Apple was able to ship mass numbers of iPhones? You realize that Apple has over 200 suppliers, right?

And besides there is a big difference between using glass in a few dozen specially made cars and using it in 230 million mass market phones.

Comment Re: you can still use your old apps (Score 1) 105

But if your apps are revealed to have a security flaw, those flaws will not get fixed for you. If the backend server supporting your app requires an upgrade that makes the old version incompatible, you lose access to that app's functionality. Unless you migrate to new hardware, your software will be forced into early obsolescence.

In the real (not hypothetical) world, when I unpacked late last year, I found my old 1st generation iPad that stopped being officially supported with OS updates in 2012. I reset it because I forgot the password and started downloading apps, I got prompts that I can download an older version. I tried Facebook, Hulu, Plex, Netflix, Google Drive (for my technical PDFs), Crackle, and I believe the CW app. They all worked..

Comment Re:Queue the headphone jack comments (Score 1) 131

- The growth is from expansion into China, not improved sales in the West.

China sells were down....

- The average spent on an iPhone went up by $4, which is less than inflation and...

As opposed to every other phone manufacturer who is seeing ASPs decline -- especially Samsung.

A lot of the sales were for the larger screen models, which are more expensive and which Apple was reluctant to do until other manufacturers proved there was a market for them

Every indication is that the difference between the price of the iPhone 7 and 7+ are greater than the difference in cost to make them. Apple has larger margins on the Plus models.

Sales of 128GB models are up, because no SD card for you

How is that a "deception"?

Comment Re:Queue the headphone jack comments (Score 1) 131

Then again, Cook is no Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs brought "Gorilla Glass" to the masses. Tim Cook tried and failed with "Sapphire Glass". Steve Jobs was the iMac, iPad, iPhone, iPod - Cook was iWatch and iBuds - and dwindling sales of computers, iPads, and loss of market share for iPhones.

You realize that none of those things would have been successful without the supply chain management strategy of Cook right? Also as far as the iPhones "loss of market share", you can''t take market share to the bank.....

Comment Re:Metering of home Internet (Score 1) 157

This includes home satellite Internet, home terrestrial microwave Internet (which uses cell towers), and reportedly even home DSL in parts of Iowa []. I imagine many find it easier to order DVDs from a web shop than to drive into town to make a multi-gigabyte download over restaurant Wi-Fi.

There is always your favorite neighborhood RedBox for popular movies and free ripping tools.

Comment Re:Comcast customer here (Score 1) 111

I can stick up for AT&T also. I had slow but reliable 6mbps DSL for years,went to Comcast for 4 years and hated every minute of it. Now I'm back on AT&T Fiber 1Gbps, didn't have to pay to rent their modem and they charge $70 flat for the service -no extra fees are taxes.

If i did go with their TV package, the first four set top boxes are free. If I went to Comcast, they would have charged $50 for the extra five TVs, cable modem rental, and another $30 in taxes, non government fees, an HD technology fee, a sports access and a network access fee.

Comment Re:Run, Android, Run!!! (Score 2) 34

It's kind of funny that Android users say that the great thing about Android is that you're not stuck with just one manufacturer and one App Store but if you want security updates and not get infected by malware you're stuck with one manufacturer (Google) and one app store. (Google Play).

But on the other hand, Android is based on Linux, why shouldn't you be able to download apps from anywhere and the OS be able to sandbox it?

Comment Re:This quarters unlimited plan (Score 1) 88

The most frustrating thing about T-Mobile is that you never know how they are going to redefine "unlimited" from quarter to quarter.

"Redefined" for who? If when you got your plan they defined unlimited as unlimited high speed data and 14Gb of tethering of high speed tethering data, they aren't redefining it for you. You get to keep your rare plan. I came in on a special years ago. I've been paying $200 a month for five lines of unlimited data, 14Gb of high speed tethering per line and unlimited video tethering for two years.

$70 a month for SD video and... 512k of hotspot? That should not count as high speed. But regulations and lack thereof and so on. 512k is damn near useless as a hotspot. Even when super slow DSL came around in 1997 or so, you might be stuck with 512k up, but you could at least get 1 - 1.5 down. I would rather be capped at a higher speed.

If that's not good enough for you, I'm sure it would be good enough for some people, you can pay an extra $25 a month.

But I can tell you from personal experience when we were tethering from t-mobile to an AppleTV for six months and we were using about 70Gb per month with Binge On, the video quality was fine on a 37" TV.

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