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Comment Re:ATT is NOT a charity (Score 1) 166

I agree. I have Gigabit Internet but it's really overkill. The problem with DSL and cable are upload speeds. Comcast's gig service tops out 35Mbps - unlike AT&T.

My work network tops out at 80/80 when I'm on the VPN in the middle of the night, most streaming is less than 10Mbps, and I have yet to go to a website or download a file at anything over 25Mbps except for work.

The only thing that comes within 50% of maxing out my connection is BackBlaze if I max it out with 10connecgiknd.

Comment Re:ATT is NOT a charity (Score 1) 166

First of all AT&T's prices are deceptive. $70 is likely their advertised price. It is almost certainly not the all in price. Make sure your comparing apples to apples

I have AT&T Gigabit Internet. My bill every month is $70. No extra fees for the modem rental, or other bogus fees.

I usually get around 400Mbps/400Mbps wireless and 900+Mbps/900Mbps wired on my best computer (my desktop). I get slightly less on my laptops with Gig-E.

Comment Re: AT&T (Score 1) 208

iMessage had a few advantages over SMS when it first came out - carriers charged per text message and you didn't get charged for iMessages since they used data and it works over WiFi when you couldn't get a cell signal. So you needed some type of way to know whether you were sending an iMessage vs SMS.

At least in the U.S. those are mostly moot points now. Most plans have unlimited SMS and most carriers support WiFi calling.

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