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Comment Re:Comcast customer here (Score 1) 111

I can stick up for AT&T also. I had slow but reliable 6mbps DSL for years,went to Comcast for 4 years and hated every minute of it. Now I'm back on AT&T Fiber 1Gbps, didn't have to pay to rent their modem and they charge $70 flat for the service -no extra fees are taxes.

If i did go with their TV package, the first four set top boxes are free. If I went to Comcast, they would have charged $50 for the extra five TVs, cable modem rental, and another $30 in taxes, non government fees, an HD technology fee, a sports access and a network access fee.

Comment Re:Run, Android, Run!!! (Score 2) 34

It's kind of funny that Android users say that the great thing about Android is that you're not stuck with just one manufacturer and one App Store but if you want security updates and not get infected by malware you're stuck with one manufacturer (Google) and one app store. (Google Play).

But on the other hand, Android is based on Linux, why shouldn't you be able to download apps from anywhere and the OS be able to sandbox it?

Comment Re:This quarters unlimited plan (Score 1) 88

The most frustrating thing about T-Mobile is that you never know how they are going to redefine "unlimited" from quarter to quarter.

"Redefined" for who? If when you got your plan they defined unlimited as unlimited high speed data and 14Gb of tethering of high speed tethering data, they aren't redefining it for you. You get to keep your rare plan. I came in on a special years ago. I've been paying $200 a month for five lines of unlimited data, 14Gb of high speed tethering per line and unlimited video tethering for two years.

$70 a month for SD video and... 512k of hotspot? That should not count as high speed. But regulations and lack thereof and so on. 512k is damn near useless as a hotspot. Even when super slow DSL came around in 1997 or so, you might be stuck with 512k up, but you could at least get 1 - 1.5 down. I would rather be capped at a higher speed.

If that's not good enough for you, I'm sure it would be good enough for some people, you can pay an extra $25 a month.

But I can tell you from personal experience when we were tethering from t-mobile to an AppleTV for six months and we were using about 70Gb per month with Binge On, the video quality was fine on a 37" TV.

Comment Re:the un-unlimited plan (Score 1) 88

How is it obsfucated? It's $70 a month including all fees,taxes, no overage charges, etc.

If you want to buy a phone on an installment plan. You pay (the cost of the phone - the down payment)/the number of months. If you cancel your service before your phone is paid off, you pay the balance of your phone. How much clearer could they be?

Comment Re:No... (Score 1) 92

How is a single in app purchase that unlocks everything "a scam"? You get to try before you buy and see if you like it. How is that any different from shareware?

I don't listen to music enough to pay for Spotify, but if I did. I would definitely pay $10 a month to have access to all the music I want to listen to. Right now, I use the Spotify's free tier to listen to music when other people are in the car.

Comment And don't forget about the other fees.... (Score 1) 166

Right of Way Use Fee - $1.05
FCC Regulatory Fee - $0.08 (not a government imposed tax)
HD Technology Fee $9.95

On top of that. I have six televisions. It would be an extra $50 a month just for set top box rentals.

If you use their router it's an extra $10 a month.

And if you want unlimited internet it would be an additional $50 a month.

Luckily, I have AT&T as an option (I never thought I would be saying that). $70 a month for unlimited gigabit internet - no additional fees or taxes. I have 4 Roku boxes and three 3rd gen AppleTVs connected to my TVs and my house is wired for Gig-E.

I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, and Sling and I have an Amazon Prime account (Amazon Video). My total TV cost is Round $50 a month plus whatever you want to allocate toward the cost of an Amazon Prime subscription to Amazon video.

Comment Re:Microsoft did mobile wrong (Score 1) 114

Apple is not "hurting itself" by not allowing other companies to license IOS. The purpose of any company being in business is to generate profit not to increase market share. All of the other phone manufacturers are either losing money or barely profitable. Do you really think that Apple could maintain its current profit margins by licensing its OS for sale on $50 phones?

Comment Re:Because it took five months to fix? (Score 1) 88

How many non-tethered jsilbreaks have been available for the iPhone recently? The reason that the jailbreak be "non tethered" is important is because a tethered jailbreak implies physical access to the phone and the ability to unlock it.

A tethered jailbreak isn't a major security risk.

Comment Re:Because it took five months to fix? (Score 2) 88

Yes because if this had happen with Android, Google would have quickly issued a patch for all phones introduced since 2012 and all of the affected Android devices could have downloaded the patch immediately without having to wait on the OEMs and the carriers....

Now back to the real world....

Comment Re: I hope Apple Pay will die (Score 1) 289

ApplePay requires TouchId. If you could just enter a pin on your phone to use Apple Pay, it would be no more secure than a credit card.

You can use a pass phrase to unlock your phone, but not for Apple Pay. You tap your phone to the terminal, it shows an image of your credit card - without the number - you can then either use Touch ID and use the default card or you can tap on the card you want to use and then use TouchId.

How is NFC always being active a security risk? The credit card information is stored in the secure enclave and is not available to any part of the system until you use your fingerprint. TouchId is tied directly to the secure enclave.

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