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Comment Re: I hope Apple Pay will die (Score 1) 289

ApplePay requires TouchId. If you could just enter a pin on your phone to use Apple Pay, it would be no more secure than a credit card.

You can use a pass phrase to unlock your phone, but not for Apple Pay. You tap your phone to the terminal, it shows an image of your credit card - without the number - you can then either use Touch ID and use the default card or you can tap on the card you want to use and then use TouchId.

How is NFC always being active a security risk? The credit card information is stored in the secure enclave and is not available to any part of the system until you use your fingerprint. TouchId is tied directly to the secure enclave.

Comment Re:You could already do that (Score 1) 31

I've always wondered if, other than for video *stored* on an iOS device, if Airplay isn't just handing over the URL data to the AppleTV and it's actually downloading the data directly, not funneling it web->ios device->appleTV.

It depends. AppleTV does support streaming directly from the phone without the AppleTV having it's own connection and without tethering. Not all apps support it and some still require both the AppleTV and the iOS device to be on the same network.

I used my AppleTV in a location with a captive network which required a logon and wasn't able to connect it to the Wifi so I had to stream directly from my phone using cellular data -- I have T-mobile so I had unlimited video streaming.

Hulu, SlingTV, Crackle, and the CBS app all work with this setup.(Web -> ios device -> AppleTV)

Netflix, Amazon Video, and the CW app won't work with this set up they require a direct internet connection and they get the video stream directly from the web. The ios device just tells the AppleTV where to get it from.

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